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Maleen and the maid can’t hear him since the walls are too thick—not boding too well for those airholes, so now I need to ask, how are they. “Maid Maleen” (German: “Jungfrau Maleeen”) is a German fairy tale. It is included in the sixth edition and the seventh edition of Kinder- und. In Surlalune’s fantastic collection of Rapunzel tales throughout the world, Heidi Anne Heiner includes a small section of Maid Maleen tales.

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Retrieved from ” http: I have but to speak the word, and thy head will lie at thy feet. At night, veiled and under cover of darkness, the woman that the prince’s father chose to be his bride goes to the prince’s bedroom.

She repeats what Maid Maleen said, including the statement, “I am not the true bride. Would you like to see the Crown Jewels? It is Aarne—Thompson typethe entombed princess. To save herself from starving to death, Maid Maleen is forced to use a bread knife to dislodge a stone from the wall of the tower.

This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat The false bride was rewarded for what she had done by having her head cut majd. Towers can have all sorts of meaning. This princess, lacking of confidence in herself, did not think that she would be good enough for the prince. Fairy Tale of the Month: After seven long years, the food eventually ran out, but no one came to release them or deliver more food.


When they finally managed to break free of the tower, they mzid the kingdom destroyed and the king long since gone. Maid Maleen is accepted as the prince’s wife and they live happily together. On her wedding day, not wishing to be seen, the princess sent Maid Maleen in her place. Then finally, she speaks to the church door: At last they arrived in a large city and went to the royal palace.

Foot-bridge, do not break, I am not the true bride. Furious, the ugly brides goes off to have her maid killed. She tells them both not to break and adds, “I am not the true bride.

Household Tales, by Brothers Grimm

Meanwhile, the princess had sent out an assassin to kill Maid Maleen. She puts her own clothes back on but keeps the necklace that the prince gave her.

Forced to fend for herself, Maid Maleen eventually finds work as a servant in a castle in another kingdom. The prince is struck by how much his bride looks like Maid Maleen, whom he believes to be either mais imprisoned in the tower or dead. The ugly bride, aware of her ugliness, does not want to show herself to the court.

Later that night, the prince went to the wedding chamber where the princess was waiting, but he did not see the golden necklace around her neck. They are forced to eat nettles in order to keep from starving.

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Maid Maleen

I cannot help noting, at least in the Grimm version, maleeen is the maid who first steps out of the tower. She plans to poison him on their wedding night.

I want to see the ravens. So she bethought herself, and said.

Maid Maleen | Literawiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Sign In Don’t have an account? She tells the bride and the bride tells the prince. Maleen and the maid travel on together and enter the service of another king. Her world, in the meantime, disappears. Angered, the maiid walls up his daughter, with a serving maid, in a stone tower, declaring she will stay there for seven years to break her spirit.

Since Amid imprisonment, the prince had been betrothed by his father to another princess. Posted by cjkiernan on August 29, https: The prince says that she cannot be his true bride if she does not have it. The prince’s father has decided that he should marry someone else. A butterfly does not burst forth from its captivity, but rather the chrysalis is still in a fragile state, its transformation maaid complete.

Lights were brought, and then he saw on her neck the gold chain which he had given her at the church-door.