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Order Lattice Semiconductor Corporation LFXPE-5QNC (ND) at DigiKey. Check stock and pricing, view product specifications, and order. XP2. Ordering Information. The LatticeXP2 devices are marked with a single temperature grade, either Commercial or Industrial, as shown below. LFXPE. LFXPE-5FTNC8W Lattice FPGA – Field Programmable Gate Array 17KLUTs I/O Inst -on DSP V -5 Spd datasheet, inventory & pricing.

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When in the down position, the switch is tied to ground. A Single Board Computer system? There are lfx2 inputs and 23 outputs associated with each PFU block. Devices are numbered in a consistent fashion. Eight LEDs for visual feedback? One of these test points is also connected to a 25K ohm discrete potentiometer.

Other blocks provided include PLLs and configuration functions. Only one chained evaluation board should have a pull-down on TCK. The digital 17f of the converter is a six-wire control set. DB9 pin 3 The resistor permits voltage drop measurements to be used to determine how much power is being used by the LatticeXP2.


The x1 and x2 connections provide fast and efficient connections in horizontal and vertical directions. The remainder of this section provides an overview of these capabilities. The clock divider outputs serve as primary clock sources and feed into the clock dis- tribution network. Figure shows the selection muxes for these clocks.


A FPGA can be used for a large number of different applications. However, the exact details of the final resource utilization will impact the likely success in each case. The component number increases by one in a columnar fashion i. Compliance with the Lattice Thermal Management document is required.

Famille XP2 de Lattice

Thus, the highest numbered components will always be in the southeast corner of the board. A change to an internal register requires 16 clock cycles.

The other resistor is connected to a PLL input pin. During configuration, an internal pull-up is enabled. The DQS signal also feeds polarity control logic which controls the polarity of the clock to the sync registers in the input register blocks. Outputs are implemented with the addition of external resistors.

The source code for the factory default program is available on the Lattice web site at www. Jitter sample is taken over 10, samples of the primary PLL output with clean reference clock. Figure shows the clock routing for one quadrant. Input signals are fed from the sysIO buffer to the input register block as signal DI.

All voltages referenced to GND. All Lattice trademarks, registered trademarks, patents, and disclaimers are as listed at www. When IN1 is pulled above Vth the Power Manager de-asserts the enable pins on all of the DC conversion devices, effectively powering the board down. RS DB9 Female connector? It switches between ldxp2 independent input clock sources without any glitches or runt pulses.


Minimum requirement to implement a fully functional 8-bit wide DDR bus. Added information regarding SED support. Table lists the signals associated with Slice 0 to Slice 2. The 17 connector is also useful for expansion purposes. Using this stable supply voltage it is lcxp2 to turn on other supplies in a controlled sequence.

If you wish to be noti? There are four primary components dedicated to performing mixed signal functions on the evaluation board.

Lattice LFXPE-5FCES FPGA – Process Review

If not actively driven, the internal pull-up may lxp2 be sufficient. Added Thermal Management text section. Updated Recommended Operating Conditions Table footnotes.

Signed and Unsigned with Different Widths The DSP block supports other widths, in addition to x9, x18 and x36 widths, of signed and unsigned multipliers. All the interconnections to and from PFU blocks are from routing.

When using an external download cable the jumper on J28 must be moved to shunt pins