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Review: Sever by Lauren DeStefano. I finished this book last night. Once I started reading it I just could not stop. Sever is the last book in this. Sever. Sever. Book 3. Author, Lauren DeStefano. Genre, Young Adult Fiction. Release Date, February 12, Series, The Chemical Garden Book Series. In the third book of The Chemical Garden Trilogy, readers finally learn what exactly a Chemical Garden is.

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I’d recommend this to anyone who loves a good dystopia.

The part about Rose’s mother being Madame probably not how you spelled that and all of the terrible secrets that Linden’s father had. From the very beginning of Wither, he was a creepy bastard and I do not find it even one iota acceptable to have him romanticized. Literally half a book later, after aimless hanging out with Vaughn’s brother and doing nothing, she finally decides to leave.

The model looks gorgeous WE. There’s probably more I could say about this dreadful series, but I don’t want to waste any more of my time or energy on it.

Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! Second, the garish lighting on the model makes her look terrible. This is honestly the worst fucking book I’ve read in my life.

Also, Rhine had to move on with her life and Linden was simbolling her past.

Not unless you want to leave out totally obvious plot points and have your story end up making ZERO sense. Also the frequent mentions of her jealously over Cecily when she was with Linden That’s in Wither, and I sort of liked it, because it rang of Stockholm Syndrome in an interesting way. I loved the world and the characters and was always rooting for them, but I wanted her to destefajo, to take a stand.


He and Rhine had this connection in the first and second books that readers barely even get a glimpse of in this final installment. Thank the lord jesus that there are no more books in this series, and may this be a lesson to never start series I’m not going to have interest in finishing.

SEVER by Lauren DeStefano | Kirkus Reviews

View all 5 comments. It’s a boring, largely plotless mess, destefzno most of what’s frusrating about the characters requires prior knowledge of the series as a whole.

I’ll just say that these things made the overall plot seem sloppy, shoved together, and not well thought-out at all. Sever Chemical Gardens 3 Author: Readers were just expected to believe everything they were told rather than being given proof to back up the claims that were made.

She is constantly at battle with herself and the struggles and heartache she goes through just made me feel like I was in her head.

Because at that point the chapter ends and the next chapter starts in a totally different place. I know a lot of people wanted Linden to be the one Rhine chose but I could not support that idea. We were mesmerized by the smoky air, delirious from Madame’s opiates, and as a result all my memories are feverish.


What’s the point of introducing all these interesting “layers” to Rowan if lairen not going to use them? You’ve got to be kidding me. Sorry to hear you were disappointed! She made a point of telling him that she still lzuren her virginity and hadn’t been with Gabriel. I was disgusted by his relationship with Cecily. Overall, most of the characters in this book didn’t make meaningful connections to each other – they felt forced and stilted.


Plus she mention that when he showed Cecily his houses that no one else would ever understand those houses on a level that he and her did? She takes refuge in his dilapidated house, though the people she left behind refuse to stay in the past.

Speaking of the government Mar 18, Kat Lost in Neverland rated it really liked it Shelves: Some very crazy things happened and I never saw them coming.

That the Chemical Gardens weren’t explored. Even though the entire time Rhine was trying not to love him, and yet she was so depressed over his death? This is supposedly a world where girls are treated like sex objects and baby makers, Rhine is in a whore house on drugs– and all the customers want to pay for is to watch her make out with Gabriel?