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2 Introduction to the Koha Installation Process. 3 MARC21setup. Manual Documentation, Release MARC21 setup. This preference lets you decide when you’d like to create an item record in Koha. If you choose to add an item record when ‘placing an order’. Koha News. Koha New & Updated System Preferences a step further and included a link to the Koha manual for each as well.

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You can decide which actions you want to log and which you don’t using these preferences. This allows bibliographic software to publish machine-readable bibliographic items and client reference management software such as Zotero to retrieve bibliographic metadata.

If you have this preference set to ‘Allow’ you will also need the Unsuspend Holds cron job running. This preference controls what the patron’s klha expiration date will be when you renew their card.

This preference controls the default cap on fines accrued by the patron. For Star SP Printers 3.

CALYX Newsletter August – CALYX: Open source library consultants

To make use of this setting the administrator mnual first access Koha’s calendar and mark certain days as “holidays” ahead of time. This means that a duplicate kooha can be created in acquisitions which will cause errors later when checking items in and out. This preference controls whether the lists functionality will be available in the staff client and OPAC.

Learn what fields are in that table on the Koha DB Schema site. For new readers, we reiterate that CALYX policy is to upgrade our hosted clients twice per year on average.

[Koha] Koha released

Installation of Sphinx 5. System preferences can be searched using any part of the preference name or description using the search box on the ‘Administration’ page or the search box at the top of each system preferences page.


Merging Bibliographic Records Via Lists 2. The metadata can also be sent to an OpenURL resolver. This field takes any combination of item fields from the items table in the Koha database for blocking. If you would like to protect your patron’s privacy in majual OPAC you can choose to hide their names or parts of their names from any of the comments they leave on bib records in your system. Only drivers available as Perl modules will work in this preference, so make sure a Perl module is available before choosing an SMS service.

If the preference is set to ‘the calendar to push the due date to the next open day’ then the due date will be December 26th. If RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight is disabled which it is by defaultthe script 310 assign fulfillment requests in the order the branches are placed in the StaticHoldsQueueWeight system preference.

Clicking the ‘Help’ link in the ioha right of the self checkout interface opens up a three step process for using the self check interface. Showing these numbers can potentially effect the performance of your searching, so test your system with different values for this preference to see what works best.

CALYX Newsletter August 2013

Setting this preference to ‘Allow’ will allow patrons to choose to receive any one of the following messages:. This preference will enable a line of social network share buttons below the right hand kohaa on the detail pages of records maunal the OPAC.

This preference makes it so that a librarian can get a copy of every notice sent out to patrons. This preference will control where Koha prompts you to return the checked in item to. If the preference is set to ‘the calendar to skip all days the library is closed’ then the due date will be pushed to janual 27th of December to accommodate for the two closed days. Covering fiction and non-fiction, this summaries option provides annotations on both trade and scholarly titles.


If this preference is set to ‘hide’ and you have the n field set to 1, it will hide the entire bib record – not just an individual item. In archival cataloging, analytic entries may be made for series or items within a collection. Viewing your page 2.

Patron Attribute Types 3. This email address can be changed when needed. A notice in advance of the patron’s items being due The patron can choose the number of days in advance. Tip Turn your logo into a favicon with the Favicon Generator. The branch maunal branches of the next highest cost shall be selected from only if all the branches in the previous group are unable to fill the hold. This preference identifies the “accepted” dictionary used.

Librarians are very welcome at the kiha and can add considerable value to the efforts of Koha developers through discussion and testing of new features.

This setting allows for searches to be automatically kkha or for additional characters to be added to the end of a search string. Record Matching Rules 4. The new features are widespread through the application and koua should be something of relevance to most users.

What this means is ICU Zebra indexing is only necessary if you use non-roman characters in your cataloging. The excerpts are available from prominently reviewed new titles, both fiction and non-fiction. Use the following text for the contents of MARC authority control field position fixed length data elements. Depending on your layout this may be too many or two few letters, this preference lets you decide what number is best for maual library’s design.