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ہابیل Habeel Urdu Islamic Khawab Khwab Khwabon Ki Tabeer Khwab khawab nama Dreams Interpretation خوابوں کی تعبیر کی سب سےبڑی. khawab ki tabeer, khwabon ki tabeer, aap kai khwab or unki tabeer, khwab ki tabeer, khawabon ki tabeer in urdu. KHAWAB NAMA YOUSUFI PDF – Author: Gosar Kagul Country: Singapore Language: Taabeer-e-Khawab aur muslim ulma ki koshish 7. AoA.

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khwab nama

Here Good dreams on tabeerekhwab. There is a major contribution of the brother of Imam Muhmmad Ibn Siren, Yahyaa Ibn Siren who kept all the written text as Imam Ibe Siren in his later age was not keeping the books, and, first of all, also, another, furthermore, finally, in addition, Good dreams on tabeerekhwab.

This is also a vaeed for those who invents a lie linking it to himself or to his own father or friend, he will not even smell the sweet fragranceof Jannah, same, kbawab, rather, while, yet, opposite, much as, either. Hulum — Bad dream 3.


Heshouldthank Allah for it and narrate it to others. An example of thisis Hazrat Yaqoob AS telling his son, Hazrat Yousaf AS concerning his dream about eleven stars and the sunand the moon prostrating to him.


Islamic scholars said that eleven stars kawab the brothers of Hazrat Yousaf AS and the sun and moon represented his father and mother same, less, rather, while, yet, opposite, much as, either.

Relate not your vision to your brothers lest they arrange a plot against you.

Satan is to man an open enemy. We are bing adviced from our Nabi Allah Peace be upon him that bad dreams should not khawba disclosed, He said….

kbawab Allah Almighty will save you from mourn if you commit good deeds. So that charity is the source to safe finance and to safe from unforeseen disaster.

khwab ki tabeer in urdu Khwabon ki tabeer khawab nama islamic dream

yousyfi It is narrated by Hazrat Sereen R. A that interpretation should inquire about the name, value, dignity, religion, character, gumption of a question and inquire about that either he saw a dream in day or night and keep in mind that what kind of action is performed by while he was narrating the dream.


Keep in mind the English calendar month as well as Arabic calendar then give weighty and deduction at about that point. It is said by Hazrat Danyal A.

If his name is bad then give detail related to him by keeping in mind the bad character of that person. Please enter an answer in digits: Best Dreams aur Tabeer Good dreams on tabeerekhwab. Cancel reply Please enter an answer in digits: