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Keep on the Shadowfell is an exciting Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for characters of levels 1–3. It includes three double-sided poster maps. Home > Map Sets > Keep on the Shadowfell SHADOWKEEP_LVL1_xjpg. Shadowfell Keep: Level views tintagel. You probably already know of the Keep on the Shadowfell free download on the Wizards of the Coast site. It, plus the free Quickstart rules, can.

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Seekers of the Ashen Crown 1. Anyway, I updated a link to point at the thread more directly.

I knew that there was ok maps already done. H1 Keep on the Shadowfell 4. Anyway, Until next time: And i dont mind if you tell and post about the maps. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Not the best looking, but usable. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This is the map I need, but hopefully not quite so messed up with its colours. If the PCs choose not to use stealth, the kobolds become aware of the characters after they make their first moves. Stay out of the links please and thank you. View my complete profile.

The Mad Mapper – Keep on the Shadowfell

On the whole it worked very nicely. September 19, at 7: Yea Thanks the maps are awesome!! These are fantastic, thanks so much for sharing. So here we are today with Keep on the shadowfell Level 1, 2 and 3 done.


I have the original Keep on the Shadowfell with poster maps. I had some more maps the the keep here, but even after I found the new ENWorld link they appear to be gone. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

H1: Keep on the Shadowfell

E2 Kingdom of the Ghouls 2. I’m using a modified KotS of greater difficulty, and I had to use some blurring and other image techniques to make the maps look good in roll20, but these are already premade and very useful. Shift and Slide minor; at-will The kobold slink shifts 1 square. The time now is Although we specialize in maps of fictional realms, as commonly used in both postee and games both tabletop and role-playingmany Guild members are also proficient in poeter and contemporary maps.

Battle maps in fourth-edition D&D products

I even found a photo of MY copy of the map. Halls of Poste 3. I would never have been able to thee those maps without the reference pictures. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ. You are commenting using your WordPress. The Slaying Stone 1. Oh found it…without a grid. After a few reboots and test, I was ready to post the first snippet on A special shot attack that hits deals normal damage and has an additional effect depending on its type: I am running some of these adventures on roll20, and this saves me a lot of time.

JavaScript is currently disabled. I shadowfe,l love to be able to make use of these in a game and they are exactly the style i’m looking for. P3 Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress 1. After two days hold-up by press censors, the Daily Mail prints “greatest photo of the war”: Oh yeah, my players?


Edit 2 Goes with edit 2 above: I also found an amazing link that is the best version I have seen by far and will be adding it. Notify me of new comments via email. Really nice, not much else to say. I promised opster one of the first posts that I would give you all the png’s of items and psd’s.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! We run once shadoqfell fortnight so that’s nearly four months of play in each one. Forum Gallery Finished Maps H1: Also seems a bit low-res for my needs. But I wanted to try and make my own style and I wanted to try and learn to make dungeons maps in photoshop.

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Kobold Lair Outside

H1 Keep on the Shadowfell 5. New versions of the outdoor maps. H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth 1.