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Function of Traffic Signs. Effectiveness of Traffic Signs. Application of Traffic Signs. Excessive Use of Traffic Signs. Standardization of Traffic. This manual supersedes and forms part of the revised version of JKR/J(Rb) / 80, Manual on Traffic Control Devices-Traffic Signs. The Manual is now divided. J. K. R. Malaysia, “Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 2A/85,” Manual On Traffic Control Devices, Public Work Deparment (JKR), Malaysia,

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2E/87 (Manual On Traffic Control Devices: Guide Sign and Design Application) – REAAA Wiki

When the detour is long, install. Use of raised pavement on the channelizing devices alongside of the markings or removable markings may be work area at-night. Pavement markings include lane stripes, edge stripes, centerline stripes, pavement arrows and word messages.

Do not allow may be used to assist traffic control for mov other workers to gather n?

It consists of standard temporary sign drawings and their application in the work zones. However, at locations where in daytime maintenance acti’vi’ty requires an obstruction to remain in the roadway at night, flashing beacons may be installed at the point of hazard. Delineators or steady-burn warning lamps may be attached to the barrier for channelization.

Document all actions taken on or related to traffic con- trols that are placed in effect at the worksite. Before reaching the work area, drivers should have, enough time to alter their driv ing patterns.


Larger signs or higher mounting should be considered.

Speed zone signing, either advisory or regulatory, is usually not an effective way to control traffic. L Temporary signs are either circular,rectangular, or diamond in shape.

Any pavement markings that are no longer applicable or that may confuse drivers should be trafffic as soon as practicable. This system is capable contril storing, managing, analyzing, computing and displaying all forms of geographical data for road maintenance works. Crash cushions are used to protect traffic from hazards such as exposed barrier ends or bridge parapets.

Traffic h Provide a buffer space between traffic and volume and length of time that the closure will workers. To prevent or minimize such litigation and to help defend lawsuits, the following steps are recommended Know and comply with the traffic control. Roadway b If the heavier traffic changes to the oppo site direction, the traffic control in Figure a Two lanes of a four-lane roadway may be can be changed to allow.

Refer to Figures and.

Figure shows the taper pavement markings need to be removed and lengths, the recommended number, and new markings placed when they conflict spacing of channelizing devices. In addition, vehicles may be equipped with flags, flash 5.

2C/85 (Manual On Traffic Control Devices: Temporary Sign and Work Zone Control) – REAAA Wiki

Flags shall not be used to e. This method is not satisfactory when the work area is near sharp hills and curves. In addition to temporary sign, flashing beacons and other form of delineations shall be used to supplement guidance through the work zones.

  IC DH321 PDF

For example lightweight channelizing devices and sand bags mahual act as a buffer should be used to protect barrier ends.

2E/87 (Manual On Traffic Control Devices: Guide Sign and Design Application)

S querieng arrow panels have several arrow 4. High intensity lights are effective both day and night. Highway personnel and the contractors should maintain a careful record of job-related activities so they may document their efforts to provide good traf- fic control at the worksite. Temporary signs shall be placed in positions where they will convey their messages most effectively and placement must therefore be accommodated to highway design and alignment.

They may, however, be cum bersome, for short-term projects and, if the barricades are heavy and rigid, may cause excessive damage: For maximum mobility on certain types of maintenance operations, a large sign may be effectively mounted on a vehi- cle stationed in advance of the work or mov- ing along with it. The traffic control plan should be aimed at reducing inconvenience and conflicts.

To pro tect mobile and moving operations, shadow vehicles may be used and equipped with signs, flags, and flashing lights as’ appropri ate. For most operations, the length can be: Even if the road is closed to vehicles, hould follow the work vehicle.