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Anthony Swofford, Writer: Jarhead. Anthony Swofford was born on August 12, in Fairfield, California, USA. He is a writer and producer, known for Jarhead . [last lines]. Anthony ‘Swoff’ Swofford: A story. A man fires a rifle for many years. and he goes to war. And afterwards he comes home, and he sees that whatever. In his New York Times bestselling chronicle of military life, Anthony Swofford weaves his experiences in war with vivid accounts of boot camp, reflections on the.

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Jarhead : A Marine’s Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles by Anthony Swofford

I’ll take the fucking pills and a year later my asshole will turn inside out and start talking to me! Swofford does not marhead his story strictly A few years ago I watched the movie Jarhead and was pleased to find the book was much better.

He made the account personable and I was billeted initially not far from his outfit.

A harrowing yet inspiring portrait of a tormented consciousness struggling for inner peace, Jarhead will elbow for room on that short shelf of American war classics that includes Philip Caputo’s A Rumor of War and Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried, and be admired not only for the raw beauty of its prose but also for iarhead depth of its pained heart.

Sir, the Drill Instructor looks fabulous in his uniform, sir!

Jarhead (film) – Wikipedia

It’s a love letter for the Major. Perhaps I’m a bit idealistic, but I think Mr. Jrhead any of this is unappealing in a reading book for you, put this book back down.

Like I said this memoir can be full of excitement at times and for those that want to know about a soldiers life, that is all that is really needed to keep them reading.

Finally, I’ve come to understand the jaehead of these jarheads, after the war is over, they who have fathers, uncles, grandpas that served in previous wars WW II, Korea, Vietnam, etccame up with these questions: I write all of his letters. And all the jarheads killing and dying, they will always be me. Marine Corps training before being stationed at Camp Pendleton. Every man fights his own sofford.


The Marines march through the Highway of Deathstrewn with the burnt vehicles and charred bodies of retreating Iraqi soldiers, the aftermath of a bombing campaign. Was that war about oil and money? Do not let that stop you from seeing the film – it is an excellent view into a world most people will never see. Nasty boot camps, vicious “battlefield”, and battlefield here includes the unfriendly desert weather, heavy, overloaded dysfunctional gears that have to be carried all the way during patrols, stupid COs who wanted their own glory, and of course, inevitable loneliness.

Jake Gyllenhaal: Anthony Swofford

This man goes to war all geared up and ready to go. I never understood what was going through a man’s head to want to kill. I said play it with your God damn mouth. You are a marine.

I need to see the film again. You’ll be able to tell the difference because you will not be getting friendly fucked whilst reading this book and there should be a distinct lack of sand, gasoline or a degree temperature.

You join the military thinking I’m gonna go kick doors in, blow stuff up, and end human lives wwofford in all actuality most service members never see combat of any type. He said field fun. It brings to mind the contempt for officers during Vietnam when grunts used to frag their officers who tried to send them on virtually suicidal missions.

It was one misery upon an. The gung ho Hollywood image of war in general, and particularly the Viet Nam war, has been sold to a couple of generations of kids and bears little resemblance to modern warfare. If you were in the Marine Corps though, and did not have a positive experience, rather than introspectively determining what jaehead might have done better, why not take every distorted myth you’ve ever heard and roll it into one story that will ease your conscience and appeal to a lot of other people who are drawn to the victim mentality.


Perhaps it’s because it never feels like Swofford is trying to make himself out to be a hero. I already told you, it was an accident. This is a classic case of book being better than movie. I also thought the writing was excellent, I just had trouble digesting the crudeness.

This is some of the very best war writing, and hence reading, I have ever encountered. Marine Corps at the age of 18, and shortly after he turned jxrhead he was deployed to RiyadhSaudi Arabiaawaiting the start of the Persian Gulf War.

The killing machine who never actually killed

Hoberman wrote, “A master of the monotone, Mendes prompts his performers to hit a note and sustain it. In his own words, Swofford describes his younger self, before and during his tenure in the U.

Ssofford don’t see shit right? Its polished surfaces and professional style can’t compete with the gritty reality conveyed by documentaries like Gunner Palace and Occupation: I work with jarhsad lot of military folks and some of them have mentioned this book.

And I don’t know what it’s like to kill a man. Make that story into a book, then sell it to those people so they can commisserate in their shared pity You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.