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Geteova novela Jadi mladog Vertera () dovela je do internacionalnog uticaja Sturm und Drang škole, sa njenim rusoističkim senzibilitetom. Verter, kome. Readers’ questions about Jadi mladog Vertera. 2 questions answered. stradanja mladog vertera (jadi mladog vertera) – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Jadi mladoga Vertera by Johann Uadi von Goethe.

Njegovo samoubistvo je strogo ritualno: Paperbackpages.

Jadi mladoga Vertera

Published by Dereta first published September 29th WertherAlbertLotte. WahlheimWahlheim. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask vedtera readers questions about Jadi mladoga Verteraplease sign up.

Are you still alive, after reading the book? Edmund Hanna I heeded the warnings and picked up this read because its description alluded relevancy to some of my recent experiences.

I finished the book …more I heeded the warnings and picked up this read because its description alluded relevancy to some of my recent experiences.

I finished the book yesterday, and, frankly, I’ve enjoyed the book tremendously. I admit, it has been a sad read, but I didn’t pick up even the slightest hint of a Werther ‘fever’, if one could call it that.

Jadi mladog Vertera

And, to be honest, Jdai thought I would; I can compare myself to Werther in some ways Nevertheless, I love Goethe’s style, and I think I’ll be looking into more of his works.

See all 6 questions about Jadi mladoga Vertera…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Jadi mladog Vertera – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Google Books

To view it, click here. Thackeray wrote this very glib verse synopsis of the tale: Werther had a love for Charlotte Such as words could never utter; Would you know how first he met her? She was cutting bread and butter. Charlotte was a married lady, And a moral man was Werther, And, for all the wealth of Indies, Would do nothing for to hurt her. So he sighed and pined and ogled, And his passion boiled and bubbled, Till he blew his silly brains out, And no more was by it troubled.

Charlotte, having seen his body Borne before h Thackeray wrote this very glib verse synopsis of the tale: Charlotte, having seen his body Borne before her on a shutter, Like a well-conducted person, Went on cutting bread and butter. View all 11 comments. Jan 10, J. No doubt there were shimmers of brilliance in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther ; however, for such verterz short book, it took me a long time to complete it.

At one level, it’s not difficult to relate to Werther mpadog the pain he experiences he is in love with a woman who is unavailable, i. Still, experiencing this pain and wallowing with Werther in his anguish is not enough to move the narrative forward. Mlladog, a Tragedy of Temperament Mostly epistolary, this short novel thrusts the reader into the province of Young Werther’s psyche by manner of his letters, which are replete with verbal ejaculations, disconnected sentences and fervid flights of fancy, as he moves from summit to summit to deepening valleys.

The three main vertsra are Lotte, Werther and Albert, who is Lotte’s older fiance’ then husband. The men are nearly diametrically opposed: Werther believes that no other female in the world exists for him than the first beautiful woman who agrees to dance with him. He simply must have her or his life is not worth living. So the narcissistic twit tries to lay a world of grief upon Lotte’s doorstep.


Lotte seemed she might have taken to the lad because he allured her sentimental side, and they shared a measure of passion of which Albert was wanting.

On the other hand, Lotte’s tranquil demeanor and assumption of her late mother’s duties in raising her younger siblings gave her the sensibility to realize Werther was highly unsuitable as a mate given his incurably romantic, effusive and erratic personality traits.

This was probably the first notable novel of a tragedy arising from mladov internal struggle with one’s own feelings or emotions. It is a tragedy of temperament, rather than one caused by circumstances beyond one’s control. Indeed, I’d argue that this dude would have pulled his plug over his first major setback in life. Werther’s struggle is inside. The outside circumstances furnish the cause for his revealing this internal strife.

He epitomizes a soul endeavoring for absolutes and straining for unconditional love, propelled by a raging river that clutches one’s existence, continually mutating life into a sequence of severe intrinsic episodes. Because Werther’s existence is cored on his emotions and he has no objective counterbalance or outflow into other activities, each emotion adds a centrifugal pull until his life spins into a self-destructive vortex. It is ironic that the novel provoked a wave of suicides by young males across Europe because jdai emerges as more of an indictment of the perils of undisciplined passions than any kind of provocation to imitate Werther.

Goethe wrote The Sufferings of Young Werther in his 25th year and it was the beginning and end of his involvement in the “Sturm and Drang” storm and stress movement, given that he saw Werther’s soul as the inexorable result of the unchecked emotional storms lauded by the movement, many of whose writers’ careers ended in suicide or lunacy.

View all 23 comments. And the main protagonist, young Werther, is shown by Goethe and through Goethe’s exquisite, nuanced word building as absolutely and utterly how he is, as mlafog as how he is generally perceived by society including his nearest and dearestwith both the likeable and the unlikable, problematic traits of Werther’s personality, his inner and outer selves his psyches portrayed with equal emotion, verera equal sensitivity. He is obsessive, self involved to the extreme, with a sense of entitlement that uncomfortably reminds of narcissistic stalker type personages for as much as some readers mladov indeed adore Werther or at least Goethe’s literary achievement that is Werther, he basically continually seeks Lotte’s company, stalking her, trying to foist his love on her, even when it becomes abundantly clear without a doubt that Lotte is not only engaged, but actually happily so.

The beauty and haunting qualities of Die Leiden des jungen Werther thus simply cannot mask the fact that as an individual, that as a person, the main protagonist is perhaps depressed, but ultimately and first and foremost a self entitled, eternally vertra and clamouring egomaniac who somehow thinks that the world, that society even jladog claiming to despise itthat Lotte herself somehow should revolve around him and for his benefit, his desires and when Werther realises that this is not jai case, he reacts not only petulantly and immaturely, but with deadly self harm, not only removing himself from society, from the world, but also and quite deliberately, in my opinion, hurting those nearest uadi dearest to him with and by his final act.

Now I truly do think that if Goethe if the verterra had not made his Werther commit suicide, while I might still have felt somewhat impatient with Werther as a character mostly because throughout mlzdog course of the novel, he does tediously declaim vretera continue to declaim poetry like a lovestruck schoolboy, which repetition have the tendency to become more and more monotonous as Die Leiden des jungen Werther progressesI also very likely would have felt much more empathy and even sympathy for Werther, for his unrequited, impossible passion for Lotte.

However, with the ending, with Werther’s suicide and the sadness this causes especially for and to Lotte, most of my sympathy is for her and while I might to a point understand Werther’s sadness and despair at the fact that Lotte is veetera to someone verera, is in love with someone else, I cannot in any way support or condone his actions, his violence, even if it was violence mostly towards himself, at least physically speaking.


Still recommended as a classic of German literature, a beautifully and evocatively conceptualised, devastating psychological portrait of depression and egomania, although with the caveat that some if not many readers might well react as I have with regard to Werther, finding him immature, selfishly demanding and frustrating to the extreme and I do apologise to those readers who absolutely love Die Leiden des jungen Werther and see in Goethe’s portrait of him the epitome of verter youth, but I for one, have never had much if any patience with Werther.

View all 6 comments. View all 10 comments.

Jadi mladoga Vertera by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (3 star ratings)

May 26, K. Werther was in love with Lotte. She was already engaged. Lotte married her fiance, Albert. That in essence is what this classic unrequited love story is all about.

Originally written in German and first published inthis book is an important novel of the Sturm und Drang period in German literature. Sturm und Drang is that period in Germany in s to s when extreme emotions as expression became popular in reaction to restrictions impo Werther was in love with Lotte. Sturm und Drang is that period in Germany in s to s when extreme emotions as expression became popular in reaction to restrictions imposed in literature and music during the Age of Enlightenment.

This age was the era in Western philosophy where reason and not emotion was advocated as the primary source and legitimacy of authority Source: Due to this novel, Mr. Goethe became one of the first international literary celebrities. He was like a rebel opposing the trend. What a smart guy! Though with a simple flimsy plot, it was written at the right time.

If I were on my teens, I could have rated this book 5 stars. I am not saying that I am past my romantic years. I can still be amorous and I know I still have my charm duh. However, killing myself for somebody because of love ,ladog or was or will always be pathetic.

Goethe, the smart celebrity, gave a hint with this line spoken by Lotte on the night prior to Werther’s suicide page Don’t you see that you are deceiving and ruining yourself on purpose?

Why me of all people, who belongs to another? I fear that it is just the impossibility of possessing me that makes your desire for me so fascinating. In the story, Werther is a rich kid.

He has his own servant and maid. He doles out money to mlavog children. He does whatever he wants and he does not work. Takes fancy on a beautiful lady, the eldest of 6 kids who are all mlaeog orphaned because their mother died father died ahead of the mother. He likes being with children as he is also childlike in so many ways. Lotte only likes his serenity and reliability page and does not feel other kind of attraction to him. If Werther were a Filipino living in one of the slums, he would not have killed himself.

If he were a good-looking as Villar when he was younghe would court a rich girl, go into real estate, have a political career and run for president. Well, try again inhmmm better not. But I still like this book. Who are we to be cynical about love?