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Spotlight Publications – Selection of Jack and The Beanstalk Pantomime Scripts. Jack & The. Beanstalk. A pantomime by. Daniel Bell. Spotlight Publications Spotlight pantomimes must be played as per the script, and without alterations. 1The Killorglin Pantomime Group are proud to present their 52nd annual pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk T.

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Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime script

The magic milkmaids, Hairy Hulk and Dairy Mulk, come to his rescue. There were gags-a-plenty, which kept the audience giggling and tee-heeing throughout, with regular guffaws thrown in for good measure!

Front of Tabs or front cloth Scene 3: Fast forward to the next day and the whole crowd are up the giant beanstalk to discover a smallish giant who hasn’t been eating the girls sent up to him on their twenty-first birthdays, but has been treating them in his theme park, Ogreland.

As a traditional family pantomime it provides great value for money, is exuberant and infectious and is just what is needed to get the festive season off to a rollicking start! No specific music suggestions, although there is an optional song performance in Scene Three.

Pantokime licence will be e-mailed to Thus Jack’s long-lost sister is now, in fact, the Giant’s wife, and even the Baron’s wife is still alive and kicking. When the Princess is kidnapped by Fleshcreep, Jack is given the chance of climbing the beanstalk to Cloudland, defeating the Giant and rescuing the Princess.

Bright, plucky young man. Jack’s family are so poor that they must sell their treasured cow. The Fairy, transforms Fleshcreep, he becomes an honest citizen, and through a few judicious marriages, they all live happily ever after. The Village Fayre Full stage exterior scene Scene 6: Dame assumed to be played by Male, Principal Boy by Female.


Alice unexpectedly teams up with Jack and his magic beans to overthrow the Queen of Hearts in this rhyming one-act collision of tales. I may be simple but at least I never sold a cow for a load of beans.

Jack and the Beanstalk by tlc Creative Best Seller. Oh, I see what you mean! Can be depicted using a costume jqck large prop, with booming voice.

The 25 strong cast including panto-land characters Aladdin, Beanstalk Jack, Pied Piper and Goldilocks seek out the magic gold dust which gives them their panto powers. Strong characters, parody, slapstick, visual jokes and mayhem. Characters include the usual pantomime assortment Dame, usually played by a man, Principal Boy, usually played by a girl and a pantomime cow.

Two con men sell Jack some magic beans, and when he plants these, he is transported to the land of the Giant, where he fights the said giant and nicks his golden goose. Unfortunately they entrust the job to Jack, whose profit is a handful of beans. All the ingredients of a good panto were there.

Including heaps of side-splitting humour, solid character parts and keeping the Chorus involved throughout, this sparkling new version is guaranteed to banish boredom … in your audience and cast alike!

Though it is not specified in the script, Jack’s Mother could be played by a Male as a pantomime dame and Jack could be played by a Female as a panto principal boy. You need a good script. Our reputation has been really enhanced by doing your version. A clean version, with the rude words toned down, can be found here. The land is terrorised by Giant Blunderbore and his henchman Fleshcreep.

Meanwhile, Princess Rose has been kidnapped by the giant. A lively modern script by Midlands writer Alan P Frayn gave many a topical twist to this most traditional of pantomimes, which played to ten packed houses.


Pantomime Scripts: Jack and The Beanstalk

And you need all the beauty sleep you can get. You mean apart from me. The giant’s transformation scene is the highlight of a fast-moving and hilarious adventure classic. Narrow your search within this results set: The following additional items are available at extra cost to go with this script: With an action-packed storyline, this very original, funny script makes for panto at its best!

Synopsis The villagers are so afraid of Giant Blunderbore and his servant Fleshcreep, that the King is forced to issue a decree that whosoever manages to kill the giant will win the Princess’s hand in marriage. Jack ends up with only a bag of beans to show for his trouble.

However the Baron has other plans. Variable chorus size at the Producer’s discretion. Website built by Sunrise Web Studio. What time does he call this? Proudly powered by Weebly. Offstage Who the heck was that? There is also a good opportunity for an unusual, show-stopping ultra-violet scene optional as the magic begins to work in the garden.

Note that some of the scenes are optional and can be left out without harming the plot! The rights to perform and record for all the titles in our catalogue with exceptions are managed by Stagescripts Ltd. In dire straits, Jack sells the family cow, Cuddle, but is duped by Giant Guzzle’s unscrupulous chefs, Butcher Bonecruncher and Basher the Tattiemasher.