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ARGENTINE STANDARD IRAM * Third edition Modification N? is included in this printing Bipolar electrical. IRAM Argentina two pin plug power cord with IRAM marked rated up to 10A V built to IRAM standards and designed for Argentine power supply. 3) IRAM ). Plugs must be provided with a label containing information about the use of the plug. Local climate conditions. N/A.

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This connector is sometimes referred to as a “Figure-8” or “Shotgun” connector due to it’s shape. Locking IRAM power cables are available upon request. IEC — Plugs and sockets for househould or similar use.

Superficial dielectric rigidity steering.

The injected plugs shall comply with the tests established in In case wires with special shapes are used, the features of the fastening device will be previously agreed on, having to comply with all applicable tests specified in this standard. We offer a lifetime warranty because we know that it won’t have to be used.

IRAM Argentina two prong power cord plug with IRAM

The circuit may be completed 20633 a fuse or any other element protecting against 6. This means that you can be sure iam all of our power cord sets are of the highest quality and are certified for use in the United States. Standard Stock Lengths are 6FT and 2. Table 4 — Calibrator measurement for the verification of the standard outlet Type 10 A a mm 6. If there are any defects due to workmanship, World Cord Sets will accept liability for the purchase price of the goods and igam freight charges to provide a full refund 203 the customer.

This connector is sometimes referred to as a “Mickey Mouse” connector due to the shape of the connector looking similar to the kids television show character. During checkout simply select “Blind Shipping”, then either upload your own packing slip, or, upload your logo and part numbers into ours. The non-destructive tests will be performed on 3 specimens and the destructive ones on the other 3.


The plug material will comply with all that has been established in All cords, cables, patch panels, and adapters sold on this website in original unmodified condition are covered under this warranty.

IRAM Argentina Power Cords

The C15 is commonly used in in electric kettles and other household appliances that involve higher temperatures than a normal C13 is made to withstand. Each contact layer will resist the Mnd mass without the pin detaching and, with Md mass the pin will irxm before 5 s.

Blind drop shipping has never been easier. Layout and polarity 4. A common power cord set connector with this plug is the IEC C5.

10A 250V 2 Flat Pin PC Monitor Power Cable , IRAM 2063 Argentina Power Cord

Providing high quality, affordable products and solutions is a cornerstone of what we do at World Cord Sets. The insertion face of the plugs shall not present any protruding part other than the pin, when the plug has one of its conductors and is assembled for normal use, except the markings on relief with a maximum height of 0. The C7 mates with a C8 inlet, and is commonly used for laptop power supplies, video game consoles, televisions, and other double-insulated small appliances. C, corresponding to a concentration of around 0.

IRAM 2063 Argentina Custom Power Cords

The IRAM holds information on the currently valid standards. The compliance is verified carrying out the tests specified in chapter 25 of the IEC A case for intelligent For plugs with a proteccion irzm higher than IP 0X, once the test specified in 6.

As any other standard, it is subject to review and for those who make agreements based on this standard, it is advisable to analyse whether the use of more recent issues of the following standards is convenient.


The C5 mates with a C6 inlet, and is commonly used for laptop power supplies, projectors, and some televisions. Locking Data Center Power Cables.

The C7P has one square side and one circular side so the connector only mates with the inlet using the correct pin configuration. This component may be in use for other products, categories, or product-lines. You will receive automated tracking emails as soon as your order has been packed so you can keep your customer up to date in realtime. The tests specified in this standard will be performed, unless otherwise stated, with the plug in the conditions for use, that is, with the corresponding conductors connected to the respective terminals.

Please contact us if you are looking for a large quantity, or, need help to find the correct product for your application.

The plugs will comply with all applying terms specified in IRAM Our products are manufactured using only the highest quality components, and, undergo rigorous quality assurance inspections and testing to ensure all of our products meet our exacting standards.

For nominal voltage of up to IRAM and Then a calibrator with a thickness of 0. The distance between the parts under voltage with a different polarity and between the metallic parts not conducting current will not be lower than 3 mm. This corresponds to the review of IRAM standard The plugs tested according to 6.

For plugs with a proteccion rate higher than IP OX, once the test specified in 6. Movable accesory with contact pins, which is used to temporarily connect a consuming device to a fix iiram mobile outlet. Type something Save Text. Editing will affect the component everywhere it is used.