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Download the catalogue and request prices of Hv | window By internorm italia, aluminium and wood casement window with built-in blinds, studio, home pure. Page 1. ECOGLAZE. Ireland Ltd. File:Varion 4 HVjpg. From Wikimedia 4 HVjpg. Français: Varion 4_HV Date, 24 October , Source, Own work. Author, Internorm .

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Adam wanted to use a natural material, but doing so would have resulted in very thick walls. Another interesting point from Craig internodm Internorm was over delivery. The external insulation helps to eliminate thermal bridging too. The winner of the private housing award at the UK Passivhaus Awards, this upgraded s home proves that even existing buildings can be made passive.

The whole house scored 0. As well as the variom and door meeting the required thermal performance for Passivhaus certification, the products are also aesthetically pleasing providing a sleek, modern and clean lined finish in addition to being easy to maintain.

What’s more, the team couldn’t heavily insulate the ground floor though they did put in 80mm interjorm phenolic and 20mm of woodfibre insulation here without lowering the room height or undertaking expensive groundworks. Through careful design, a Passivhaus building conserves and uses the existing temperature in the property provided from solar irradiation lnternorm the windows as well as heat from appliances and inhabitants so that only the very smallest additional heat source is required.

Fronius Additional info Project overview: The two interviewed a handful of builders and — rather than going to tender — selected Jonathan Williams, whose background is in conservation building, and negotiated a price with him. Perhaps surprisingly, in hindsight he’s unsure whether such a deep retrofit is always the right solution for projects like his — in economic or environmental interhorm.

Passive House Certificates – J&N Windows

Both are argon filled 3G panels, the standard one that gives a Ug of 0. But during the cold winter ofthe ground floor was actually a little cooler than upstairs — most likely because the floor is only insulated to a U-value of 0. These later units have an average overall U-value of 0. New roof on existing dwelling: I will admit to not being perfect. So, now we embark on the third distributor hoping that the title of this post is going to be accurate.


We always liked the look of the Internorm Varion window but were put off by the slightly worse performance than the Edition and therefore selected Edition by default. I started off supplying the floorplan and elevation drawings showing the window sizes, but without a detailed schedule, which led to some vague interpretation over opening styles.

1970s Devon home becomes certified passive B&B

The trio have since founded Passivhaus Homes, a design-and-build passive house firm that is developing a ‘kit-based’ approach to building passive homes to bring costs down. The price is also now sufficiently close to our second choice windows that the premium is worth paying.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He actually asked questions to clarify the schedule before spending the time putting them into the system for quotation.

Passivhaus provides consistent, comfortable temperatures in both winter and summer without using conventional heating or air conditioning systems. The only major overheating problem occurred when over people attended an open day at the house during a spell of warm weather. The company is also looking at working with community land trusts to develop new, affordable passive homes. This shows a commitment to know as much as their customers do!

So I responded, outlining my side of our previous dealings varkon made it clear what I expected out of any new quote basically that it should be correct and any errors should be fixed quickly and then gave him the option to either quote or back away and let me deal with another distributor.

Remember that these are top of the varkon windows, with a price tag to match. There’s also a “living roof” planted with local wildflowers.

The other interesting point ihternorm that internorj the windows on display had the anodised aluminium cladding which looked quite attractive.

Well the distributor for manufacturer number 2 received exactly the same schedule and produced a quote with just one very minor error that was corrected the next day. With Liz and our young family I’m on the journey of demolishing our existing house and rebuilding a highly comfortable and low energy replacement house. The windows boast a thermal insulation value of between 0. Unsurprisingly he decided not to go forward and responded with the following justification for the vario so far: Further insulation was used to fill the previously somewhat moist wall cavity.


According to Janet, this result is down to meticulous detailing and education across the project team. Solar thermal panels contribute to the house’s hot water, and Adam also installed a solar onternorm array with a 4kW peak output. Apparently the typical lead time is six to eight weeks, but when they commit a delivery date the delivery is almost always exactly the promised day. We also want something that will last a long time with good service back-up. Windows are bracketed onto walls prior to external interhorm installation to ensure a continuous insulation layer “I just like the idea of the small section timber I-joist, using low grade timber, and using as little of it as possible, and using the recycled newspaper [insulation].

One of my colleagues was also trying to get quotes from them, although not for Internorm. The bright, sleek yet ecological kitchen Meanwhile, Adam and his wife Erica have opened up their Totnes passive house as a bed and breakfast. Janet says there’s an important lesson here: Janet paid close attention to shading design, and says the house stayed cool during this summer’s heatwave.

They’ve just completed their first prototype. According to Janet, Jonathan was the only builder they interviewed who had read up on passive house, and understood how hard it would be.

He interviewed other architects, but ended up hiring Janet. I was somewhat surprised, but decided I was willing to give him another go. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Finally the quote has come through and for the first time from an Internorm dealer, is actually correct. They are a very large company with a long track record and have a wide range of products.

But he’s still very comfortable — during his first winter the duct heater had yet to be installed, but he heated the whole house to about 19C internom a small oil-fired radiator on its lowest setting W.