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Howard Kaylan’s “Shell Shocked”. likes. Howard Kaylan’s life has been a dangerous ride that he is only too happy to report on shocking tales of. Howard Kaylan recalls his days as part of a hit-making band, a friend to a musical giant, and his tenacious grasp on his dream. —And Gives The Final Word On Six Legendary Rock ‘N Roll Myths! Words and Photos By Anne M. Raso. Howard Kaylan’s autobiography Shell Shocked.

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His commentary while describing it is evid Being a pretty big fan of the Turtles’ music, I was really amped up to read this when it finally became available on Scribd.

Not Now Silly: Book Review: Shell Shocked by Howard Kaylan with Jeff Tamarkin

I was always a guy, at least in my early days, was quite the womanizer. He was not murdered! However, it is a rollicking good time overall and we get to see Kaylan’s growth as an artist and business person.

That sense of humor would serve the pair well in their second major gig: Kaylan is pretty open about how he treated his wives, the girls on the road, and career lows. He was always so supportive of us.

Not a criticism, but a hope that there will be a part 2. A bunch of the fun is his incessant name dropping — and what names they are. Fortunately, we got Bonner and Gordon, it could have been a lot worse.


He even treated his folks to a new Chevy and Hawaiian vacation. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads howxrd.

Trivia About Shell Shocked: Howard has dozens of wonderful stories of partying with the stars which give insight to the period and are downright funny. And I told him I was having some difficulty to howad it and needed someone to kick my ass with it.

Only eight or nine short years later, those two fat front men in the Turtles were cashing in by doing the howarf same thing. The cast is remarkable.

And yes, they were on stage at Montreux when “some stupid with a flare gun, burned the place to the ground. K I read many rock biographies and this is one hsell the best. So that he could stay on top of the pop music when we were brought into the band anyway, stay on top of the pop music side of things.

I almost did one of those double takes where you look behind you to see who he is really talking to.

Howard Kaylan’s ‘Shell Shocked’ Makes Readers, Turtles and Zappa Lovers Laugh

He was hearing the deep cuts and loving them. Another book that should have dived a little deeper that how many women I’ve been with and how many drugs I took and how great I am.

The Glimmer Twins were always gonna be those shoked guys. Are you shitting me? Because it was a good fifteen years of my life.


Shell Shocked: My Life with the Turtles, Flo & Eddie, and Frank Zappa, Etc. by Howard Kaylan

Nov 21, Bob Edgar rated it liked it. I went looking for things like photos from our tour bus. He was a wonderful man. And though there is a long story behind the Flo and Eddie moniker, I did not realize it came from their stint as Xhocked Zappa’s back-up singers.

We still had such respect for other writers and authors and composers.

Shell Shocked

The only person who is going to be remembered as a Door is Jim Morrison. I actually had four chapters of the book that I had written about a year and a half ago when I thought the title was going to be, How Not To Be Me. He loved our band so much. I ran into him once or twice shockedd it was just with Dennis Wilson.

You listen to his album that never came out because no one would dare to release it and it is not bad. Oddly enough, there is little on his relationship with Volman which seems strange given the length of time that they have been partners.