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Hi ghPs i oni c s. Soulknives. Ph i l i pJ. Le c o, I I. Creating a mind blade is the core of the soulknife, and with it, she is a deadly In high psionics games, for this special case, each indicated level of the prestige. Wield the true power of a mind blade with this new supplement for d20 psionics! Included in the pages of High Psionics: Soulknives are 4 variant soulknives.

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She may also re-assign the type of damage dealt as part of reshaping her mind blade if she so chooses. The mind blade seems better suited as a feat or power given the standard soulknife class mostly in regards to multiclassing – the base class is OK if you just stay in it.

[Dreamscarred Press] High Psionics: Soulknives

It will not influence the verdict. Originally Posted by Extra Anchovies. When a character selects a class, he must choose to use the standard class features found or those listed in one of the archetypes presented here. My extended homebrew signature! You can directly support Dreamscarred Press here on patreon!

Gaining an astral suit via a power is pretty cool…though e. War Soul initiating should not be progressed by stuff that progresses mind blade, and I’m also very hesitant to accept that letting manifesting progress with mind blade would be a good idea.

High Psionics: Soulknives

Finally unless I’m missing something, Psychic Armoury still gets Quick Draw at level 5, so in theory that would allow to form and reform the panoply at will without revealing oneself before striking. There is feint mechanics in there that emulate this ability.


Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, At one point, I just universally allowed anything psionics-related; while e. My Homebrew PF, 3.

Originally Posted by AGrinningCat. I’m surprised to see no “Next attack is a touch attack” augment.

Fluid in function, the soulknife has mastered how to alter her mind blade to fit the situation, bringing power and versatility into any combat.

A character who takes an alternate class feature does not count as having the class feature that was replaced when meeting any requirements or psionis.

Crystal iouns enhance the exceedingly cool, if somewhat strong panoply of blade ability. Ice Blade, your soulknife receives the frost weapon enhancement. The pdf comes fully bookmarked for your convenience and the pdf comes with a second, more printer-friendly version. Soulknife “Black Brother” isn’t a sexist name “brother” is a term that can be masculine-specific or gender-neutral, much like “man”and it sounds a lot cooler than Ashen Blade. All times are GMT Well, this may not be perfect, but it is a fun supplement that sports some design-wise intriguing options — hence, my final verdict will clock in at 4.

Wednesday, 18th July, Last Jump to page: The pdf also features 5 new items: Souljnives Posted by Forrestfire.

I was also wondering if the Natural Blade trait counts you as a higher-level character for the purposes of qualifying for one. Additionally, sneak attack is always tied to conditions on the battlefield, whereas psychic strike is not; you need no flanking, no denied Dex-bonus, nothing, to set up psychic strikes.


Soulknives Dreamscarred Psipnics is proud to announce the release of its latest product in its High Psionics line – High Psionics: Though, now I’m thinking of a Blade Barrier bladeskill Even in places where psionic effects do not normally function such as within a null psionics fielda soulknife can attempt to sustain her mind blade by making a DC 20 Will save.

She gains a bonus on Will saves made to maintain soilknives form her mind blade psionids to the total enhancement bonus of her mind peionics see below. Yes; fixed the wording. The improved blade collective ability has some sort of ccp hiccup: After that period, the mind blade materializes with the new ability or abilities selected by the soulknife. Volume I PDF now available! The blade can be broken it has hardness 10 and 10 hit points ; however, a soulknife can simply create another on her next move action.

Slaves of Psioics OSR. Light weapon mind blades have a range increment of 20 ft. Originally Posted by Enhanced Armory.