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April 10, – This page contains mnemonics for the kanji taught in the first six years of school in Japan (i.e. kanji), as developed by. Kenneth G. Henshall. · Rating details · ratings · 17 reviews. This is a one -of-a-kind kanji study guide that introduces joyo kanji along with detailed. Henshall Kanji Mnemonics. This page contains mnemonics for the kanji taught in the Kanji, Number, Mnemonic. 一, 1, one finger. 右, 2, right hand to the mouth.

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As a result, I often consulted this trusty guide, looking for information and inspiration.

Henshall Kanji Mnemonics

Comprehensive and clear, A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters makes Japanese writing accessible to everyone wishing to learn Japanese. I reviewed it on here before, but I basically had the same conclusions you did.

Also, a lot of English doesn’t depend on constructing words in the same way Japanese does – so I don’t quite get what you mean by that English analogy. Do not guess or attempt to answer questions beyond your own knowledge. To sum up, this book hemshall a superb study of kanji, meticulously researched, concisely explained, and elegantly presented. In other words, this book makes Japanese kanji memorable.

Thank you, Professor Henshall. My biggest issue with this is that learning kanji with no vocabulary context is utterly useless.

I want to note that I have only really used this intensively to around thought I’ll return to it after I finish my current reviewbut I removed a star be This book has been extremely helpful.

Henshall ( kyōiku kanji) – AnkiWeb

This is clearly up to the individual, and the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. The above is clearly a useful and effective mnemonic.


Is it reasonable to love a reference text like I love Henshall? Books by Kenneth G. In terms of memorizing kanji, this guide’s biggest strength is in a real sense also its greatest drawback. Heisig probably works better for mnemonic purposes, but frankly, mnemonics are a terrible way to learn kanji in general. Open Preview See a Problem? This book has been extremely helpful.

Asking “How do I learn Japanese? But his has real history and research behind his method. Well, for starters, by learning the radicals. Henshall is a graduate of the universities of London B. This book is very valuable indeed. Dokusha rated it liked it Aug 08, If you get one book to hhenshall kanji, this is the one you should get.

Henshall Kanji Mnemonics

Absolutely ianji reference material for the individual who needs context for their Kanji study. Goodreads helps you keep track of henshxll you want to read. Feb 14, Ollie rated it it was amazing Shelves: A mnemonic sentence is helpfully provided for each kanji, and the mnemonic provided here employs the henshalll meaning as well, to wit: Also, each kanji has a little paragraph about the kanji’s entymology that is helpful in seeing where the modern characters have come from. You remember the mnemonic the first few times, then I love how it’s organized-kanji at the grade level it is taught in Japan.

Please also read the full list of rules on the wiki. State your question clearly in your post title 3. I heshall a lot of objections to mnemonic systems wrongly assume you read the post it note every time rather than a couple of times. Consider the OP’s skill level when answering a question. This is nice and simple, but when recollecting the kanji, you must recall to which hneshall the multiple versions of “hand” the mnemonic refers– which brings you back to relying on raw memory.


It only gets you about kanji, but it’s chatty, properly organized, and should get you through the basics with a good feel of how to learn when you go beyond it. Although my emphasis was obviously on memorizing the current characters, it was easy to be drawn into the unique history of each kanji.

This is my favorite kanji book so far. The perfect method to study kanji without hating them, so much history, culture, and above all creating some kind of relationship between the kanji and the person behind the book, introducing stories and mnemonic phrases to help you remember kanjis This is the main reason why I chose hensgall Heisig system for memorizing kanji, which makes a point of being consistent in terms of assigning a single meaning to a single primitive.

For each character, he shows you what the original seal script looked like and what it meant. In clear, kanjo entries, A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters details genshall of the General Use Chara This is a one-of-a-kind kanji study guide that introduces joyo kanji along kanjl detailed, authentic notes about the historical development of each. It’s just awesome, you will love it! Henshall’s guide is a serious and thorough work of scholarship. The mnemonic is like a helpful post it note that quickly falls off, disregarded.

Due to the derivation from historical origins, there are often similar interpretations given to different elements of a given kanji, or “primitives” as Heisig labels them. Feb 03, Mike rated it it was amazing.

Paperbackpages. It’s organized by the year in which Japanese school kids learn the Mr.