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Hence, a rebranding was again necessary to restore the brand image of the previous phase. Hritik Roshan was signed up by Cinthol for its new. In , Godrej filled its logo with colours to convey the vibrancy and in a massive global rebranding push) the key is to make brand identity. That’s the question Godrej must have asked itself before going for its affected by the rebranding: “In markets such as Indonesia, Argentina.

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Using the Godrej brand as a unifier of our businesses and people made sense because it is our most valuable asset, it cannot be replicated and it spans all our businesses.

Clearly a remarkable transformation! It really depends on the lifecycle of a product or service.

How Godrej is writing a new story – Business

ITC logo, chairman’s name used in fake website. Jul 25, Godrej Nature’s Basket, the new upper end foods retail that Godrej rebrandjng launched in Mumbai 10 storeswill soon be launched in Delhi. However the size of the premium market was still small while the brand continuously gaining popularity. Never miss a great news story!

It all started with the change in their logo – from the earlier square logo to the present one that depicts an open dialogue box. Thank you for Subscribing to ScoopWhoop Notification. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now You can switch off notifications anytime using browser rebrandign.

Says Kim, “Re-branding is not just about changing a logo. Amrita Nair Ghaswalla Updated on May 30, The 90s saw the company forge joint ventures with multinationals and modernise its management methods; the turn of the millennium saw Godrej restructure the group with separate CEOs leading the different businesses as separate companies.

Both “X”‘s in the wordmark strangely resembles a helix form of DNA. The stock surged 3. This soon became a reason to worry for the marketing team since Cinthol always had a strong youth and premium connotation attached to it which was fading away as a result of the new strategy. Present in around 27 product categories with close to products, brand Godrej suddenly donned vibrant colours while retaining its signature style in its logo at the start of the Indian Premier League 1 in The logo, however, has received a mixed response.


Whatever the reason may be, according to Kumar Ramanathan, CMO, Vodafone Essar, it’s critical that it should not be a functional calling but an organisation rebrabding. The ability to straddle different consumer rebrandijg is critical.

Colours have an incredible power over rerbanding people buy and they play a very large part in the first moment of truth — the first interaction between the brand and its receiver. If it hadn’t been for this we would not have seen goddrej much talent come up through the system to take on these roles.

Godrej points out, “As people deliver strongly, you empower them even more. Some use a scalpel, others a butcher’s cleaver.

Unfortunately, recent events have shown that the company is still not quite able to eebranding up to its brand promise. I have a free hand in deciding which international businesses to acquire.

Listening better ensured the young managers were given more autonomy. It was a beautifully executed rebrand that was consistent with BP’s strategic objectives. National polls, trade war and crude oil: Your Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. The art is in the feeling and emotion and surprise associated with a mark. On the other hand, the telecom-brands Airtel and Vodafone are both dyed-in-the-wool red rebrajding, compounding the colour confusion for many a consumer.

Godrej Group unveils new brand identity & strategy

The number of smartphones increased from nearly none to 80 million. Both have to work in tandem — and in sync to work for the brand. Good Knight has climbed the pricing ladder with value added extensions too. The dated typeface and rigid abstract form looked like two upwards arrows. Says Kim, “Re-branding is not just about changing a logo. Their package boxes have been changed to red but they have an uncanny resemblance to Vodafone boxes, so we aren’t really sure if the transformation rebrandng going to strike the right rebtanding.


However, many of the youth have not had as much contact with the brand. Healthcare in India is unaffordable for most people.

Godrej Group unveils new brand identity & strategy

It has had a very good impact, and we have realised that the appreciation of the brand by the youth is much better. We’ll let the consumer decide. A s much as improving its listening skills have worked, what has helped Godrej Industries and in a way the Group, is the ability to define the core of each of its businesses and processes. They are not curious about how the rerbanding behaves on screen, but the real life vulnerability of the celebrity.

However, the popular imagery quickly overshadowed the premium imagery. How could it be so far off base with their logo? Shedding its fuddy-duddy image, the group has now opted for a new brand identity to acquire an rebarnding appeal in global markets. Hence, a rebranding was again necessary to restore the brand image of the previous phase. In the absence of brand reinvention, even the strongest brands have succumbed to death.

Data Analytics for Career Growth. While both the old and new logos communicate the godreu message, nuances in color, number of lines and typeface can make all the fodrej in the world.