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Mineko Iwasaki (岩崎 峰子, Iwasaki Mineko) also known as Mineko She denounced Memoirs of a Geisha as being an inaccurate depiction of the life of a geisha. Iwasaki was particularly offended by the. From age five, Iwasaki trained to be a geisha (or, as it was called in her Kyoto district, a geiko), learning the intricacies of a world that is nearly gone. As the first . An exponent of the highly ritualized—and highly misunderstood—Japanese art form tells all. Or at least some.

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Open Preview See a Problem? You pick it rather than bow it, and it’s held like a guitar rather than a viola. View Full Version of PW. I started reading this as a memoir and realized my mistake because I was yearning for more emotion, more of an understanding of the narrator. The latter would explain why Toshio wouldn’t leave his wife for her, he probably couldn’t bear to spend the rest of his life with a woman who was perfect minneko the day, but would blow him across the futon at night with her trumpet bum.

A Novelbeing disappointed with the portrayal of the geisha life in that novel, and therefore, she had written her own memoirs. She must of been seriously unhinged. It is a story I have long wanted to tell. For the next twenty-five years, she would live a life iwassaki with extraordinary professional demands and rich rewards.

Iwasaki spent her childhood living in the okiya as a sort of boarding school it was a super weird situation, honestly, because her iwasak were allowed to visit but barely saw her, and also she was five before she ultimately made the decision to be adopted by the okiya owner and live there full-time at the age of seven. This book, like most non-fiction, had a bit of a slow reading pace.

Fiction is meant to entertain– and that was a choice the author made, still based somewhat fact, as it is mkneko true use of mizuage, even if it is not that of Geisha. View all 3 comments. Mineko geiwha to life the beauty and wonder of Gion Kobu, a place that “existed in a world apart, a special realm whose mission and identity depended on preserving the time-honored traditions of the past.


Account Options Sign in. My only big complaint about this book is the writing itself.

Views Read Edit View history. One sensational incident after another, with little insight to how in made her feel or how it affected her life. For instance, once she was adopted she suckled her elder sister’s breast to go to sleep Remember that horrifying part in Memoirs of a Geisha where Sayuri’s virginity is sold off to the highest bidder in a ceremony called a mizuage? Mineko Iwasaki might come off to some people as being on a high horse or arrogant or anything Mineko Iwasaki takes you on into her world with her autobiography.

After reading Arthur Golden’s well-written, Memoirs of a Geisha, and feeling some sympathy for the orphan girl forced into that life, reading this true story was a bit difficult, since the real geisha insists that it was ,ineko choice, at five years old, to leave her parents, that she could visit them at any time, and that she had the upper hand at her geisha house. And one that I ultimately had iwasaoi leave.


She retired at the age of twenty-nine because, as she says in her introduction, the lifestyle eventually grew too restrictive and her efforts to implement change were ignored. Being groomed from a young age to be a heiress must warp your personality somewhat, I’ll admit. When people are involved especially people of minrko personalities are involved there will always be discord in iwadaki way.

Not finished yet but I will finish reading it later. But it’s all wrong. On my way to Italy I found it at the airport, and immediately bought it. Like way too strong. That being said though, I will probably never re-read this, but I will re-read Memoirs of a Geisha. An odd book, by an odd person. She loves the dance and the culture, but in the end, the rules surrounding behaviour and choice for iwasakk are too limiting, not to mention the institution’s lack of forward thinking and willingness to change.


I myself at the ages of tried to burn the candle iwasaaki both ends, and had at least one breakdown in the process. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There is not a lot of information out there, and I will read whatever I can get my hands on.

Geisha, a Life

Want to Read saving…. This is a sad fact to me. BurnsElizabeth A. Recommended to anyone looking for a more realistic portrayal of the waning “flower and willow world” of the geisha.

She also carefully describes the origins of Kyoto’s Gion Kobu district and the geiko system’s political and social nuances in the s and ’70s.

It is accorded spiritual significance. This book was entertaining all the way through and I would gladly read it once more just for fun. Even if it is, her tone and presentation made it feel like it wasn’t. It was time to read a non-fiction portrayal. You should read this book if – You’ve read Memoirs of a Geisha, but now want something more. As the first geisha to truly lift the veil of secrecy about the women who do such work at least according to the publisherIwasaki writes of leaving home so young, undergoing rigorous training in dance and other arts and rising to stardom in her profession.

Mineko Iwasaki unfortunately comes off as very unlikeable in this book.

Mineko Iwasaki – Wikipedia

Has any come out yet? I personally think this is a good that people should read geisna reading Memoirs, but that they should also retain their love for the fiction book because it was written to entertain. Refresh and try again. View all 15 comments. The kimono itself can weigh pound!

Golden created composite characters and different settings and scenarios so that the novel could read like fiction, thus honoring the protection-of-privacy deal he’d had with the real-life geisha.