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The publisher of Sudhir Venkatesh’s Gang Leader for a Day is trying to flog it by its association with Freakonomics (Venkatesh contributed to. Gang Leader for a Day has ratings and reviews. Petra Eggs said: Sudhir Venkatesh had a problem when researching and writing this book. It wa. A New York Times Bestseller Foreword by Stephen J. Dubner, coauthor of Freakonomics When first-year graduate student Sudhir Venkatesh walked into an .

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Why does he respect Autry highly? Mar 16, Fryeday rated it really liked it. Similarly, while the book s not shy away from showing violence towards young women, and is open about the project’s exchange economy based on acts of prostitution, the author never delves into issues of power and control over women.

In fact, the title pretty much sums up his experience. Which is a good time in its own right. He goes into the Robert Taylor homes allowing people to believe that he is there to help them. The elevators sometimes just, went into a free-fall, killing everyone inside — and this was only if they were working at all. Sudir are corrupt cops!

Zuckerberg’s Favorite Books: Gang Leader for a Day

Get the key ideas on Blinkist. Just reminded me of the humanness of people that society seems to work to dehumanize. Apr 22, Marci rated it it was ok. Self-absorption seems an epidemic with no apparent cure. It has been almost thirty years now.


Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets

Trivia About Gang Leader for a I also became really frustrated about just how naive he was It was a good book but lacked a lot of detail. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. How does a powerful woman like Ms. Do you think your very presence at the scenes you describe in Gang Leader venkatessh a Day tended to alter them and how?

The subject matter of this book is one that has always intrigued me – in high school, I read a book called There Are No Children Here also set in Chicagowhich highlighted the lives of children growing up in a blighted and failing housing system. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. He goes on to Columbia, movin’ on up, vejkatesh the Jeffersons would say. Once a society has collapsed, it goes back to this warlord model.

Leadre student of the social and economic conditions that shape the lives of the urban poor, Venkatesh chose not simply to immerse himself in the books, charts, and data that make up the usual intellectual say of an advanced student of the social sciences.

Looking past dsy qualms, it’s a good read and especially eye-opening for people who aren’t as familiar with the social structures of urban poverty. So much for the fear the other people had of sitting next to these men.


Zuckerberg’s Year of Books in 5 Minutes: What you Really Need to Know About Gang Leader for a Day

Why are issues of trust so difficult in this book? Liberating is the short answer.

We write in cenkatesh alienating manner; like other academics, we make up words with little if any justification and we disrespect the wider public. Sudhir painfully recollects his utter lack of social intelligence many, many times 3.

Write a customer review. Venkatfsh or listen to the key insights from bestselling nonfiction. Others help tenants pirate gas and electricity for their apartments. A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets So, unlike him, I never knew what really happened behind the distress and chain-link mesh, about the guile and tribulation, and I never met ‘JT’.

The buildings themselves were high rises of 16 stories each – with outdoor hallways.

Caitlin works on the podcast and copy at Blinkist. Bailey toward her efforts. Sudhir Venkatesh set out in search of a housing project. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.