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Thieves’ Guild is a role-playing game published by Gamelords in Contents. 1 Description; 2 Publication history; 3 Reception; 4 Supplement; 5 References. Gamelords (The Companions produced the tavern furnishings) .. Thieves’ Guild â„¢ is part of Gamelords’ complete Fantasy Systemâ„¢, role-playing for the. Well, I had Thieves Guild 1 and we played it a bit. It’s a decent itteration of D&D. More stats, more theif skills. Lots of good thief adventures.

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Thieves’ Guild 2 2nd Printing. Meanwhile, back in the city of Haven, a powerful merchant has broken his agreement with the Thieves Guild.

Thieves’ Guild (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

I always tried to grab their stuff whenever I spotted it – usually cheaply, as most gamestore owners didn’t seem to really understand what it was, and would drop it into the “dollar box” with all the cheap traveller knock-offs and weird furry animal rpgs. Can you teach this upstart merchant The Lesson he so well deserves about what happens to those who dare to cross the Guild? The people in the art is how adventurers looked to my mind’s eye.

GL Buy at Amazon Within the Tyrant’s Demesne “Here in dhar Ankhes, the fortress city that stands at the headwaters of the Dorian River, there always seems to be someone looking over your shoulder! Also, expanded rules for bows, a guide to the fine art of locksmithry and lockpickingand special inborn abilities to differentiate your characters – all brought to you in the newest volume of a great series – Thieves’ Guild 7!!!

Meanwhile, back in the city of Haven, a powerful merchant has broken his agreement with the Thieves Guild. The scenarios are presented in the Thieves’ Guild standard rules format, but are fully compatible with any fantasy role-playing gaming system. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Rick June 30, at The scenarios and rules are presented in the Thieves’ Guild standard format, but can be readily adapted to any fantasy role-playing system. What sort of reception can they expect from the powerful wizards rumored to inhabit this area?


I ordered a whole buncha stuff, some even that I may already have So plunk down a few paltry shekels, and walk through the gates of the fair Free City -you’ll wonder why you ever stayed anywhere else! It’s so simple – the smith will be away on his honeymoon, he’s getting married this weekend – just sneak in, find the right sword, and leave.

Both adventures thieve also specially designed so that players can face off against each other by portraying the rival sides in this deadly battle for supremacy, enhancing the challenge still further.

Combat actions take place simultaneously, and there gqmelords no initiative, so a character who suffers a death blow may still strike back. And so finally word spread through the land that Jarfar Lindenstaff, master of the martial monks, had quarreled openly with Liodga and named him blasphemer.

Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. Aript befriended the boy against the advice of the villagers.

Very well used, but complete and gamelprds. The perils are great, a long and arduous journey, barbarian nomads who object to strangers in their territory, and the Ostrakonoi themselves.

The superstitious villagers called him Liodcinat, which means “black serpent. Go to our Sales Site. In just a short time, he’s welded an excellent fighting force out of the scattered orc-tribes of the peace Mountains. Shapero, Michael von Glahn, William H.

Thieves’ Guild (role-playing game)

Meet the insectoid Kryll, the cloaked Shanask, and fight a desperate battle for peace! The box set is massivenearly 4 inches deep. Races are a mixture of tolkienesque and fairy tale: Published by Gamelords, Ltd. When the ballots were cast and the tally made, it was discovered that to Liodga had gone the majority of votes.

Merpeople, herds of whales, world-lashing storms, exotic uncharted lands, omens of disaster and great good fortune, even sea-serpents will be met in the pages of Thieves’ Guild’s latest triumph. I agree with you on the Janet Trautvetter’s art, but I always go for feel and personality over straight up competence and professionalism.


Haven can be used with any fantasy playing rules system that accept the existence of magic, and assumes that a diverse set of races can live together in comparative and we do mean comparative harmony.

And there is an expedition into the recently rediscovered tomb of an ancient master of illusion to discover what special treasure lie hidden within its depths, plus new expansions of combat rules which reflect the true worth of armor and shields.

All these questions and more will be answered in the spine-tingling conclusion of the Secret of the Crystal Mountains! Anything else you find is yours to keep — unless, of course, Tsitsiconus or one of his faithful servants objects!

Oh yes, he’s just an orc But anything can happen – and frequently does – at any occasion that brings Haven’s aristocracy and wealthy guildsmen together, and a thief must keep his wits about him to take advantage of whatever situations arise during what promises to be a night to remember!

May show very small spine creases or slight corner wear. Ships by the score! Retrieved from ” https: So YOU are the other guy who bought this. As new members of the House of Dha, your characters are the elite of the galaxy, members of the most advanced fighting force in history: Prince of Thieves ‘ As he was returning to the inn from visiting a sick farmer, he encountered a bedraggled young lad who spoke no known language.

Which is it – Windchime or Justiciar?