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“Elettrologia, Magnetismo e Ottica” e vol. “Fisica Moderna” S. Focardi, I. Massa, A. Uguzzoni, Fisica Generale (Onde), Casa Editrice Ambrosiana – P. Mazzoldi. Focardi, Massa, Uguzzoni, Fisica Generale, Onde e Ottica, Casa Editrice Ambrosiana Salandin, Pavan, Problemi di Fisica risolti e commentati, volume 2 , Casa. Yestogo Eco Tour. Siamo la prima agenzia specializzata a Firenze con noleggio di veicoli sostenibile, machine elettriche, e-bike, risciò e eco tour.

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Risk Management Sergio M.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Capacitors and their capacity. The rotor of the electric field.

Fisica generale. Onde e ottica

The answers to each question are typically 5: General equations of electrostatics in the presence of dielectrics. Magnetic properties of matter. Dielectrics and conducting media. Continuous distributions of electric charge.

Electromagnetic waves, d’Alambert’s equation. Coherent and incoherent sources. Transient in a RL-circuit.


Electric field in a cavity inside a conductor, electrostatic screen, Faraday cage. Electrostatic field produced by a continuous distribution of charge. University database Additional Course Details. Linear, circular and elliptic polarization. Transversality of the electromagnetic onnde. See the website of Domenico Galli.

Electric networks, Kirchhoff’s laws and Maxwell’s rule. Non-polarized and partially polarized electromagnetic waves. Course Timetable from Feb 28, to May 11, Magnetic field produced by a current. Termodinamica e fluidi Sergio Focardi. Electrostatic field in the focarid of a surface layer of charging. Magnetic force on a moving charge.

The Gauss law for the magnetic field. Search Course unit catalogue. Propagation of elastic waves. Relations between macroscopic thermodynamic quantities and microscopic mechanical quantities. The examination consists of: The module-exam for both the modules General Physics A and General Physics B is written and consists, in turn, in 2 parts.

General Physics B / — School of Engineering and Architecture

The general problem of the electrostatics. Measurement of electrical charges. Deduction of electromagnetic flat waves by Maxwell’s equations. Isothermal processes of real fluids.


Magnetic force and its characteristics. Meccanica e termodinamica Sergio Focardi. Right-handed and left-handed polarization. Microscopic mechanical reversibility and macroscopic thermodynamic irreversibility. Focaardi All Paperback Hardback Digital. At the end of the course the student has assimilated onee is able to apply the knowledge on the basic concepts of the General Physics in the language of the Mathematical Analysis, of the Integral and Vector Calculus; he has assimilated and is able to apply the technical-scientific methodology needed in order to face in quantitative terms the physics problems.

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