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Learn About eSpring Water Purifiers. Your body needs water to function properly. Your body has a basic need for water. The majority of the cells in your body are. The eSpring Product Brochure includes a comprehensive comparison chart that clearly demonstrates why eSpring by Amway is the world’s largest-selling brand. You can rely on the eSpring Water Treatment System to protect you and your family at the end of water’s journey into your home. Day and night, eSpring gives .

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As long as there is flow of water detected, the UV Lamp will remain on. Flow rate is primarily a measure of the physical particulate brochuge properties of your filter.

Can the unit be wrapped in a plastic bag to further protect its housing? I have heard that some ceramic filters kill bacteria, is this true? However, this removal becomes unreliable the longer the filter is used.

The eSpring Cartridge has a removable outer brochur that has been designed to protect the Cartridge from premature clogging when exposed to tap waters that contain elevated levels of sediment or turbidity.

Treated water may have a slightly higher pH than untreated water. Why does the filter allow minerals to pass through? Is ultraviolet light commonly used to treat water?

Inside the eSpring Water Treatment System is an activated pressed carbon-block filter. The carbon in the filter bonds with organic, carbon-based compounds. This diffusion of large compounds and clogging of the small pores occurs over time and is not just dependent on the number of litres filtered.

That would only happen if water flow was from one end of the filter to another. Day and night, eSpring gives you peace of mind, providing clean, safe water on demand.


Does it make water btochure Do I still need to replace the Cartridge? Although some manufacturers promote backflushing subjecting filter to a flow of untreated water in the opposite direction as a way to increase filter life, it will actually reduce the life of a Carbon Filter — for these reasons: There are technical reasons why the eSpring Filter is effective at removing lead and other selected inorganic materials, but it is a combined effect of the limited attraction that these materials have to carbon, along with brodhure water chemistry which aids this removal.


This means that contaminants are dispersed evenly throughout the filter. Why does a surface film sometimes form on coffee or tea made with treated water?

eSpring Customer Brochure (English) | Amway Singapore

However, treated filtered water will flow at a maximum rate of 3. The eSpring Water Treatment System uses ultraviolet light to destroy any bacteria present in water after it leaves the carbon filter. This alkaline surface raises the pH of water that initially passes through the filter to the range. AMWAY will not claim removal of any material unless we are certain brlchure its removal at the end of the filter life.

Why do calcium and magnesium precipitate more often when boiling treated water than untreated water? It has been a year since I installed my eSpring Water Treatment System, and the flow rate has not declined. More esprring about NSF Standards. Temperature may also be a contributing factor. Scientists who have studied this phenomenon have found it is caused by a reaction of the calcium in hard water and natural compounds in coffee and tea. This is true for all carbon filters on the market — including those treated with silver.

The lamp will remain on up to 30 seconds after the water flow has stopped. Running hot water through the system brocbure not recommended. This reduces the number of small pores available to capture the small compounds, and the capacity to remove the small compounds THMs is reduced.

How does the UV Lamp turn on instantly when the water goes into the system? Macropores are large pores that remove larger compounds atomic mass more than 10, units. How long you been using?

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An increase in water pH — which occurs during the eSpring purification process — can also cause minerals to precipitate.

After litres have passed through, water pH is between 7 and 8, nearly identical to untreated water. This weakness of eSpring is admitted by the company itself: However, a customer may have an unusual tap design that will not work with the adapters.

These layers gradually build up inward, and when the layers reach the core of the filter, the filter must be discarded. The eSpring Water Treatment System uses ultraviolet light to destroy any bacteria present in water after it leaves the carbon filter. Therefore, a bond usually will not form with the carbon, and the minerals will remain in solution in the water and pass through the filter.

Will one end of the Carbon Esoring be used up faster than the other end? Ultraviolet UV light is a form of radiant energy, similar to visible light and radio waves.

Amway eSpring Home Water Treatment System

Backflushing the filter would allow contaminants to build up on the inside of the filter. Besides, allowing water to initially flow for several minutes will thoroughly wet the filter and increase its adsorption capabilities. The carbon used in the eSpring Cartridge has a special distribution of 3 pore types: If there are bacteria present in the incoming water, they may grow in a carbon filter overnight, or during periods of inactivity.

Simply allow the water to flow, and the dust will be rinsed away in a few minutes. Esprijg International is a non-profit organisation recognised worldwide as the leading independent testing and certification authority on water treatment systems. Retail Price RM 4, This allows the Carbon Filter to be more effective at reducing contaminants.

The UV tech by Amway is primitive.