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Somewhat questionably for traders, they didn’t install any sort of Webway or Warp drives on the Craftworlds, instead forcing the Craftworlds to travel at sublight speed. But the more I read the codex, the more I pick up on subtle little combos and synergies. I’m not going to buy 30 jetbikes if I don’t intend to play Saim-Hann, for instance.

If nothing jumps out at you, making your own is always a good option. As fate would have it, the dark, twisting, and largely unknown paths taken by Lu’Nasad cradtworlds her not to salvation, but directly into the seething heart of the Rifts of Hecaton, located in the Koronus Expanse.

The derelict Craftworld became nothing more than a drifting, lifeless husk floating through the void. Tired of the constant raids of the Eldar pirates, the Imperium determined to make an example of the Craftworld which allowed its citizens to attack Imperial shipping and take human eodar.

The Iyanden Craftworld can usually be located in the galactic Southeast in Ultima Segmentum and is one of the two Eldar Craftworlds found near the borders of the Tau Empire, the other being Alaitoc. The serpent also epitomises the attack style of Saim-Hann — a fast, deadly strike before withdrawing, leaving the enemy panicked and confused.

Each Craftworld carries the seeds of Eldar culture. The way its worded in the codex i cant figure if the required keyword is aspect warrior or biel-tan.

Eldar Craftworlds

By the way, you might be interested in the wraithknights — an obligatory part of each eldsr tournament. Almost every unit is worth trying — now you can create an Eldar army according to your own taste. The force is fast moving and tactically flexible, meaning that even against a far stronger or more numerous enemy the Eldar of Saim-Hann can always remain just beyond their reach. The most martial and aggressive of the Craftworlds, Biel-Tan dldar made the decision to try and reforge the Eldar Empire, by eliminating the younger races who have “usurped” the galaxy.


For example, shining spears will make you redo a couple of your windriders units. They brought a lot of pain to their opponents in the previous edition and can still do it now. And the fire prism is now a weapon of mass destruction — against both single tough targets and crowds.


No registered users and 0 guests. Despite their differences all of them are on the same page when it comes to fighting Chaos. Not only did they recreate the desert that surrounded the Shrine but they also recreated all the creatures that had once populated it.

Views Read Edit View history. The Webway links the Crattworlds to each other as well as to thousands of planets scattered across the territory of the lost Eldar Empire, allowing craaftworlds dispersed Eldar civilization some measure of cohesion. Despite the Imperial might arrayed against the Craftworld and the territory the Emperor’s forces had already seized, the Farseers of Alaitoc foresaw the ultimate defeat of the Imperial offensive and the expulsion of the Mon-Keigh from the sacred craftwoelds of their home.

Almost every member of Saim-Hann is part of a Wild Rider family, including the seers, and this allows them to field many specialists who ride Jetbikes and Vypers.

Another thins — AP3 is a very useful thing now. Onto each Eldar Craftworld, the last uncorrupted people from each Eldar homeworld were loaded.

Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. It is largely these seemingly arbitrary conflicts that have earned the Eldar their reputation for random and capricious behaviour. The meaning of their world-rune cdaftworlds unknown.

Craftworld | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Unfortunately, I am now faced with the dilemma of picking a Craftworld. Prior to the Fall, the Craftworlds were vast Eldar commercial starships sung from wraithbone; they were effectively self-contained starfaring communities housing hundreds of Eldar families. The book Velador describes a Fire Dragon shrine that had previously been destroyed being rebuilt. Picking a craftworld is freely up to you and choosing one has no permanent effect for your army.

On the verge of utter defeat, Iyanden was saved from extermination by the return of Prince Yriel and his Eldritch Raiders. Now, it is but a shadow of its former glory, a sombre and desolate vessel where the dead walk and the living dwindle. Sure, if you choose Saim-Hann attribute, the problem is partly solved, but you should admit — crafworlds time for scatterbikes domination is over.

Mymeara then found a region of space that had not yet been infested by other races, and using their technology hid themselves away. Being located close to the Eye of TerrorIl-Kaithe is constantly warring against the forces of Chaos and willing to ally with craftdorlds Dark Eldarand even humans, to further their crusade against the Dark Gods. Because a Craftworld might return to the rest of Eldar civilization eodar three or four times in a thousand Terran years, it was easy for them to perceive the degeneration of Eldar society, while to the Eldar as a whole the slow decline was too gradual to realize.


Eldar Exodites often trade with their counterparts who live elvar the Craftworlds, but believe that the Craftworld Eldar are too craftwoorlds to the old ways of decadence for their own good. Sign In Don’t have an account? When the Eldar finally regained control of Malan’tai, they discovered that the Orks have stolen or destroyed anything of use. Of course this also makes an Avatar of Khaine sort of redundant.

Alaitoc can be frustrating for other people to play against, it’s definitely strong but it has a reputation for also being the cheesiest army-wide rule in the game right now Raven Guard and Alpha Legion don’t get a -1 modifier on vehicles and titans.

But what can we say about the codex itself? Killing the player who portrayed the Great Harlequin, he summoned the Slaaneshi daemon known as The Masque of Slaaneshwho in turn, opened a portal that allowed her daemon brethren to pour through.

For thousands of years after the Fall unto the current day the 41st Millenniumthe Craftworlds have carried the greater part of the surviving members of the Eldar race. Iyanden’s name means “light in the Darkness” in the Eldar tongue and its chosen colours are gold and blue. Thanks for the response! Following their initial expulsion the next major event in their history was the foundation of the Path System by which they live their lives, craftworldds regimented and sharply controlled social system designed to curtail their inherent impulses and emotional strengths.

I can pick Alaitoc for most of the games, and I still have the choice of playing with any other set of rules if I feel like craftsorlds. Thanks for such a thorough response! The Path of the Seer is long and treacherous, leaving little time for an Eldar to focus upon the Path of the Warrior. There in the midst of these damned and forgotten stars, Lu’Nasad came face to face with powerful forces of the Empyrean that were manifesting in realspace.