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Poetics of Relation · Rhizome (philosophy) ·. Influences[show]. Aimé Césaire · Frantz Fanon ·. Influenced[show]. Barbara Cassin ·. Édouard Glissant (21 September – 3 February ) was a French writer, poet. In Poetics of Relation, Édouard Glissant sets himself a project that is both immense and ineluctable. If, as Glissant supposes, we cannot help. EDOUARD GLISSANT. Poetics of Relation. translated fry Betsy Wing. Ann Arbor. THE liNivERSITr OF MICHIGAN PREss.

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University of Michigan Press,pp. Could that be what Glissant meant by entering into worldliness, by attempting to understand the Tout-Monde by approaching it as an opacity instead of as a transparency? Australian Film Commission, edokard, Some of the metaphors of local identity Glissant favored—the hinterland or lack of itthe maroon or runaway slavethe creole language—proved lasting and influential. A major work by this prominent Caribbean author and philosopher, available for the poegics time in English.

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For Glissant, futurity is one of the edohard forces of the atavistic identity, which reaches exhaustion in Relation. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Nevertheless, proceeding with caution one can note that the encounter with the Other is central to the emergence of Relation.

He uses a term, ‘Chaos-monde’, which at its essence considers the world in fluidity and suggests that we must embrace, but not group together, all the elements and forms of expression within the totality Glissant In sum, Glissant the poet became a philosopher to reveal the fluidity of relation beyond the closed doors of systems of discrimination, segregation, and rejection, and to insist that difference is more constructive when viewed as a by-product of solidarity and conciliation between two or more elements of the Tout-Monde.


Poetics of Relation by Édouard Glissant

In JanuaryGlissant was asked by Poetlcs Chirac to take on the presidency of a new cultural centre devoted to the history of slave trade. For Glissant, all identity is produced and extended in relation to the Other. He sees the Antilles as enduring suffering imposed by history, yet as a place whose unique interactions will one day produce an emerging global consensus.

This cadence allowed for a better distinction between things we still think and react in this glissant manner, and often take a surprising pleasure from it.

Poetics of Relation

I asked him about his favorite films. To paraphrase Glissant, we must not surrender to the partitioning of the world, nor to irreconcilable poeticx, binary divisions, opposition of species, and genres.

As each word a poet chooses is specifically chosen to aid in furthering the meaning of the poem, the word “Falling” implies an unintentional and undesirable action. Slave ships did not prioritize the preservation of cultural or individual history or roots, but rather only documented the exchange rates for the individuals on the ship, rendering slaves mere possessions and their histories part rwlation the abyss.

Feb 04, Justin rated it it was amazing.

Édouard Glissant

This “relation” that Glissant discusses through his critical work conveys a “shared knowledge”. Glissant’s notions of identity as constructed in relation and not in isolation are germane not only to discussions of Caribbean creolization but also to our understanding of U.

Paris, Editions du Dragon, coll. Paris,Gallimard, Plays Glissant, Edouard. Glissant, too, understood Mamadou Soumare because he shared with him his suffering, which he relayed poftics the rest of us through his own poems of the Atlantic as the mausoleum of captured Africans and through his philosophy of relation, whereby we often find ourselves by identifying with the problems of others.


U of Michigan, More literally, Glissant related the boat to a whale as it “devoured your existence”. It is through the meeting and clashing of cultures that they evolve, creating the circumstances for Relation: Retrieved from ” https: As Glissant notes in Philosophie de la Relation:.

Glissant, Edouard – Postcolonial Studies

Peter rated it really liked it May 26, Meida rated it it was amazing Mar 08, This reoation to the experience of the slaves on the ship as they were confined to an overcrowded, filthy, and diseased existence among other slaves, all there against their will.

I was now more than anxious to meet our man from Mali, while at the same time hoping that he and I would not disappoint Glissant by exhibiting an exclusive ethnic identity our Negritudeor by being too exotic authentic-indigenous people according to anthropology.

Mamadou Soumare understood Glissant and his work because he knew that his poems, songs, and myths were about those lost in the opacity of the sea. Borders must be permeable; they must not be weapons against migration or immigration processes. Depuisun prestigieux prix porte son nom: Write A Comment Cancel Reply. An Introduction to One World in Relation. The Atlantic had been their mausoleum, just as it is now a large cemetery for Africans and other people from the South attempting to cross over to America or Europe.