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and share experiences on ECE Regulation implementation with a continuing support from many Meeting on UN/ECE R13H, Braking for Passenger Vehicles . Regulation No H of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) — Uniform provisions concerning the approval of passenger cars. ECE Regulation 90 (abbreviated “ECE R90”) is an ECE Regulation specifying design, construction, and performance requirements and test protocols for.

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ECE Regulation 90

Once an emergency braking condition has been detected, systems sensitive to pedal force shall show a significant increase in r1h ratio of:. Detailed drawings of each component to enable it to be easily located and identified.

Additionally, the action on the service braking control shall not reduce the above braking exe generated by the release of the accelerator control. In the event of a failure in the energy source, whilst the vehicle is stationary and the parking braking system applied, the energy in the reservoir shall be sufficient to actuate the lights even when the brakes are applied.

Priorities of signals on multiplexed data paths shall be stated, wherever priority may be an issue affecting performance or safety as far as this Regulation is concerned. All pairs or sets of data samples to be compared shall be taken simultaneously or over a sufficiently short time period. Total normal static reaction of road surface on all wheels of power-driven vehicle.

All analogue signals shall be processed with filters having sufficiently similar phase characteristics to ensure that time delay differences due to filtering lie within the required accuracy for time measurement. The transmission is divided into cee independent functions: The values of F T and a T shall be supplied to the Technical Service at the time of submission of the type-approval application. Furthermore, storage devices located down-circuit of this device shall be such that in the case of a failure in the energy supply after four full-stroke actuations of the service brake control, under the conditions prescribed in paragraph 1.


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The Type Approval Authority issuing the extension of approval shall assign a series of numbers to each communication form drawn up for such an extension. Notice of approval or of refusal of approval of a vehicle type pursuant to this Regulation shall be communicated to the Parties to the Agreement which apply this Regulation by means of a form conforming to the model in Annex 1 to this Regulation and of a summary of the information contained in the documents referred to in paragraphs 3.

The brake pedal force F ABS is the minimum pedal force that has to be applied for a given vehicle in order to achieve maximum deceleration which indicates that ABS is fully cycling. This shall be measured as the brake pedal force is increasing. Alternatively, a sensing device per wheel twin wheels are considered as a single wheelwhich will warn the driver at his driving position when lining replacement is necessary, is acceptable.

Brake circuit configuration e.

Production definitively discontinued As from the official date of entry into force of Supplement 9 to the original version of this Regulation, Contracting Parties applying this Regulation: It shall be possible to easily assess this wear on service brake linings from the outside or underside of the vehicle, without the removal of sce wheels, by the provision of appropriate inspection holes or by some other means. The electrical lines shall not be capable of short circuiting even when overloaded; 5.

Where a vehicle is equipped with a service braking system which is totally or partially dependent on a source of energy other than the muscular effort of the driver, the following requirements shall be satisfied:. Raw lateral acceleration data is filtered with a pole phaseless Butterworth filter and a cut-off frequency of 6 Hz.

ECE R13H 第1版 第4次修订_百度文库

The brake pedal shall be applied slowly without activating the BAS in the case of category B or category C systems providing a ecf increase of deceleration until ABS is fully cycling Figure 3. A simulator test report shall be produced, a model of which is defined in Appendix 3 to this annex, and a copy attached to the vehicle approval report.


The computation of lateral displacement is performed using double integration with respect to time of the measurement of lateral acceleration at the vehicle centre of gravity, as expressed by the formula:.

Data processing for the BAS. When an emergency condition has been sensed by a relatively high pedal force, the additional pedal force to cause r133h cycling of the ABS shall be reduced compared to the pedal force required without the BAS system in operation.

Filter phase shifts and time delays for anti-aliasing filtering Excessive r113h filtering shall be avoided, and all filters shall have sufficiently similar phase characteristics to ensure that time delay differences are within the required accuracy for the time measurement. The service braking e13h shall not be adversely affected by the disengagement of the motor s or by the gear ratio used.

The coefficient of adhesion k M shall be determined by weighting with the dynamic axle loads. It shall be possible to verify, in a frequent and simple way, the correct operational status of those complex electronic systems which have control over braking. Vehicles fitted for invalid drivers. This requirement shall not apply to a parking brake control when it is mechanically locked in an applied position; 5. ecr

Compliance with this requirement is demonstrated if the provisions of paragraphs 3. The manufacturer shall notify the Technical Service of the required brake pedal input at the time of submission of the application for type-approval.

After the braking equipment is first energised and the signal has indicated that, following the procedures detailed in paragraph 5.