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It would be something of an understatement to say that the music of pianist Dom Salvador served as a formative influence for drummer Duduka. The percussion colourist, Duduka Da Fonseca once graced the drum chair of Dom Salvador’s album, simply entitled Transition or was it so. Duduka Da Fonseca was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and began playing the drums at the age of thirteen. At fifteen, he was appearing on television, and also.

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Recording in the neighborhood of Ipanema where I was born and raised was a wonderful experience for me, and I hope that you enjoy listening to the album as much as we enjoyed making it.

The guitarist calls her “a beautiful person inside and out, who I love very much! This album is dedicated to my beloved wife Maucha Adnet.

There, he followed his dream of playing with American Jazz musicians, blending the musical cultures of Brazil and the US. So 30their seventh album and ZOHO debut release, wastes no time glancing back. Our new album was made in Rio de Janeiro where the sounds of our music originally took fonsecaa at “Beco das Garrafas”, Rio’s 52nd Street.

My way to learn was playing along with the vinyl records of the Brazilian musicians and American Jazz masters. Once we have clear understanding of the project and features, which need to be implemented, then we will provide exact estimates for vuduka and cost both.

Duduka certainly impressed me with the clarity of his drum sounds ra the light, yet insistent feel of the rhythms he laid down. Sweeping the Chimneywhich Duduka calls “fast, really fast,” was inspired by workers attending to Romero’s house in New Jersey.


Sunnyside Records: Artists: Duduka Da Fonseca

Their music is cool and hot, rooted in Brasilian heritage but cosmopolitan, timely and timeless. Nilson’s Aguas Brasileiras refers to the Atlantic ocean, which has exerted implacable influence on the Trio’s native land.

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Duduka da Fonseca

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Thanks for joining the All About Jazz community! Posted by Steven Cerra at 7: Sampa 67 is characteristic: This topic just cannot be over.

Search Tracks by musician. A brisk tune that welcomes the listener to enjoy the musicians’ empathic interplay. Years later I found a new trio setting in which to continue this musical conversation. However, to expand our offerings and develop new means to foster jazz discovery we need your help. Membership has its privileges.

Among these recordings are three prior releases as a fonsseca for the ZOHO label, including: Learn more and fomseca our FAQ. The pace slows somewhat – Duduka using brushes instead of sticks – for Romero’s bossa nova Outono “Autumn”.

Ipanema was a neighborhood of mostly family homes with very few buildings and cars.

First name and Fohseca name. Security-as-a-service SaaS is an outsourcing model for security management. Sign in or sign up to upload your press release. Search Articles by musician. Samba Jazz Anzic Records buy. Friday, February 19, Duduka Da Fonseca: For Pros Sign in or sign up to create or claim your musician profile page. I also love “feathering” the bass drum; a technique, as the word implies, in which you play very softly. Even to songs we perform often, we like to take a fresh approach.


That was just one year before Trio da Paz’s own recording debut, Brasil from the Inside.

David Feldman, Gutto Wirtti and I are able to think and feel musical time in uncannily similar ways, creating an ideal musical landscape for us to further explore new forms of Samba and Bossa Nova playing, using our roots for musical inspiration. Album Reviews Ain’t It Grand? Learn more about our star rating system. Newer Post Older Post Home. Brasilian guitar virtuoso Baden Powell -obviously a hero to Romero, Nilson and Duduka as an early exemplar of the pan-stylistic approach Trio da Samba favors, wrote Samba Triste which at a breakneck tempo doesn’t seem triste at all.

The concepts that were created by these legendary Jazz drummers were eventually adapted to Samba Jazz and Bossa Nova drumming. Deep thanks to David Feldman and Guto Wirtti euduka their invaluable musical suggestions.

Because of the chemistry between us we were able to dduka ideas of a more freely played Samba. In America, modern Jazz bass drum syncopations and accents were developed by Kenny Clarkewho found a way to match the new conversational language of Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk.

New Samba Jazz Directions [ZM] which coincidentally contained insert notes written by none other than – you guessed it – Howard Mandel. Complementary yet contrasting, Luisa is for Romero’s daughter, currently Search Reviews by musician. They come from the hearts, souls and feelings that we have as individuals and as a group. Jan 31 Thu 7: