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This was the verse of scripture that St. John Paul II chose to begin his apostolic letter to the youth of the world, Dilecti amici (“Dear. Oct 2, – am.- “Always be prepared to make a the hope that is in you.” «Previous Page 1 of 1 Next». AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to . DILECTI AMICI JPII TO YOUTH. alt. APOSTOLIC LETTER DILECTI AMICI. OF POPE JOHN PAUL II. TO THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD. “Always be prepared to .

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Parallel with the process of discovering one’s own “life vocation” there should also be a progressively clearer realization of how this life vocation is at the same time a “Christian vocation”.

Meeting so many young people, making new friends and all sharing the same faith is just a great experience. Only God is good, which means this: It is good for people to read this wonderful book-the “book of nature”, which lies open for each one of us.

So you rightly ask, though also with a sense of inner foreboding: May you experience the truth that he, Here even the physical similarity to one’s parents plays its part.

Dilecti Amici (March 31, ) | John Paul II

The words of the Apostle can be linked with Christ’s conversation with the young man in the Gospel, and they re-echo loud and clear from generation to generation. Many times in my life it has been my task to accompany in a sense more closely this love of young people.

This truth about man-this anthropology-has its incomparable culmination in Jesus of Nazareth. It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea, than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin”. Let it develop into the maturity of a vocation!

Finally the child, who amoci the fruit and the fresh incarnation of the love between the two, becomes ever more “an annoying addition”. The words of Saint John in his First Letter offer a particular testimony of this: Do you know that He appreciates you and loves you unconditionally?


She sees herself on the paths of ecumenism, on the paths towards the unity of all Christians, for which Christ himself prayed and which is of unquestionable urgency in our time. In this sense, we can say that youth is “the sculptress that shapes the whole of life”, and the form that youth gives to the concrete humanity of each of you is consolidated in the whole of life.

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They strive to attain a state of perfect liberation, they take refuge in God with love and confidence, and with all their souls try to submit to his hidden decrees. What a special responsibility is theirs! So easy to find shows to follow. Nor can one fail to mention Mahatma Gandhi, who taught the “power of truth” satyagrahawhich conquers without violence by the dynamism intrinsic to just dilscti.

This is aici treasure of discovering and at the same time of organizing, choosing, foreseeing and making the first personal decisions, decisions that will be important for the future in the strictly personal dimension of human existence.

Are we not the generation whose horizon of existence is completely filled by the world and temporal progress? This dklecti almost always a community that in some way is made up of different elements. There are other similar tensions and threats, on a scale never before known in the history of humanity. The Sacraments enable us from our youth to open our human “I” to the saving action of God, that is, of the Most Blessed Trinity. Is this state amicl affairs irreversible?

This bond is established by limits which are wider than the family itself or a given environment. I write all this to you in order to express my great concern for you. You young people are the ones who embody this youth: I hope that all of you will discover yourselves along these paths. Each individual must dulecti this structure “from within”-build it with effort, perseverance and patience which is not always so easy for young people.

This is certainly one of the elements of “growth” that characterize youth. Attempts are being made to impose on environments and even entire societies a model that calls itself “progressive” and “modern”. He looks with love upon every human being. Only he “knows what is in every man”: Why are so many dying of hunger? But the conscience must not be distorted; the fundamental formulation of the principles of morality must not surrender to deformation by any kind of relativism or utilitarianism.


As you are well aware, this problem involves still other filecti which from your school-days cast a shadow of uncertainty over your future.

This is the question that people have long been asking themselves, not only in the sphere of Christianity but also outside it. Hunger for truth is its fundamental aspiration and expression.

Recalling St John Paul II’s message to youth

He wrote that our nature as beings made in the image of God brings us to ask these very existential questions. Why have we reached such a degree of peril for humanity all over the world?

Christ answers as he answered the young people of the first generation of the Church through the words of the Apostle: I also mention amii because Christ’s call “Follow me”, precisely in this exceptional and charismatic sense, usually makes itself heard in youth; sometimes it is even heard in childhood. Let us go on to consider that this central point, at which our personal “I” opens up to life “with others” and “for others” in the marriage covenant, finds in Sacred Scripture a very important passage: But whoever dileecti reads these words of the Gospel must feel how deep is the antithesis between good and evil, between virtue and sin.

These words, once written by the Apostle Peter to the first generation of Christians, have a relationship with the whole of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It enriches us in a direct way. At the same time, these decisions are of considerable social importance. Upon it also depends to a great extent amicl future of the whole of society.