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Decreto de Uploaded by. Luana Perpétuo · Miranda Cil Am Ce Uploaded by. Luana Perpétuo · Apostila MF (4). Uploaded by. Luana Perpétuo. As a result, in Brazil, the poverty and hunger eradication agenda advanced significantly in the / .. Decreto n° , de 26 de setembro de Suiza – Trabajadores migrantes – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Ordonnance du 24 octobre sur la procédure d’entrée et de visas Regulations on the Order of Entry, Exit and Stay of Foreign Citizens () (No. ).

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Licensed businesses are also required to maintain a certain relation between the ratio of foreign and Thai investment and the ratio decrsto foreign and Thai workers employed. Varying benefits linked to pregnant women. The Law makes various amendments to the Law on Nationality and Residence, in particular by removing discriminatory provisions concerning the right to obtain Surinamese nationality which in the Law differentiated between the rights of men and women to pass on their nationality.

Chapter IV regulates questions related to recruitment and service within the Migration Service.

Foreigners applying for a work permit are required to have the relevant skills for the work in question, not to be insane, not to suffer from leprocy, consumption or elephantiasis, serious drug addiction or alcoholism, nor to have been convicted to imprisonment pursuant 1635 an offence under the Alien Work Permit Act, B. Thailandia – Trabajadores migrantes – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Ministerial Regulation of respecting permission to establish temporary office outside the licensed locality boundary and to recruit employment seekers from provinces other than the licensed province.


Sets up legal basis and principles of operational activities of Turkmenistan’s Migration Service.

InfoLEG – Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas Públicas – Argentina

If prior arrangements have been made with an employer abroad, the application must contain supporting documents to that effect. Permits are generally granted and renewed on a yearly basis, but their duration depend on the length of the visa issued.

Information given by the Department of Commercial registration concerning the business of rendering services as specified in Schedule C of the Announcement of the Revolutionary Party No.

The new Chapter V establishes a Board for Development of Decretk Recruitment and Employment Seeker Protection with a broad governmental representation from different sectors including ministries, the police, and state policy development entities concerned with economy, labour, social affairs and training of labour.

Consists of 32 articles, a list of rates of fees and three schedules A-C. Further, the responsibility for the issues covered by the law is now shifted from the Minister of Interior to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs which have entailed several changes in the law.

Creates a National Eligibility Committee which shall consider applications for refugee status. Royal Decree of stipulating the occupations and professions prohibited to aliens. Sets forth the conditions for paying repatriation assistance and covering costs of subsistance and medical treatment for workers who have been abandoned abroad.

Supplements article 1 General concepts with new paras, 12, also adds part 4 drcreto article 7 Entry and exit of foreign citizens into and decrrto Turkmenistan.

Also rephrases part 4 of Article 13 Registration of foreign citizens, persons without citizenship in other competent state bodies of Turkmenistansupplementing it with new part Aide au retour Chapitre V: Renumbers the previous para 2 in article 24 as para 3. Regulates admissions of persons into Trinidad and Tobago. Transit of foreign citizens through Turkmenistan VI. For the application of the European Convention on the legal status of migrant workers and the Convention on Children’s Rights, details the various administrative bodies in charge of registrations, scholarship granting, orientation and information.


Persons with special status – including their private servants – are almost fully exempted from the application of the Act. Regulates the entry, stay and exit of foreigners in the country. To qualify for applying for a work permit, foreigners must have a temporary or permanent residence status.

Suiza – Trabajadores migrantes – Acuerdo internacional. The text provides that the parties will ensure that “workers enjoy protection in accordance with the provisions in domestic laws” article 17 and that “workers of both parties are entitled to wage and other benefits due for local workers based on the principles of non-discrimination and equality of sex, race and religion” article Creates an entitlement to require employers in certain types of enterprises with ten or more employees to employ at least fifty percent Thai nationals.

Programa Bolsa Família

Revocation and variation of order Detention in custody pending decision 8. Amended by the Alien Work Permit Act of Replaces clause 9 bis of Ministerial regulation No. Regulates work of foreigners in Turkey through a system of work permits. Demande et octroi de visas arts.