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Dangerous Affections by wishimight. Intro/Summary: C? AH Edward Cullen is an assassin working for the Volturi and Isabella Maria Swan 23/F. Public Lists Containing. “Dangerous Affections” by wishimight. Home All Stories Users Public Lists Help. List Name, Compiled By. 91, Dangerous Affections, wishimight, , WIP. 92, The Fates, hmonster4 / profmom72, , Complete. 93, How To Save a Life, unholy.

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Bella is a college dropout running from her complicated past. I’ll post on this blog when that happens. C AH When a virgin is kidnapped in the jungles of Isle Esme, a daring anthropologist rushes in to the rescue.

Every chapter flashes back to his “rebellious” time when he left the Cullens to feed on corrupted humans which relates to the present situation somehow.

Loving You Against My Will — whitereflections LOVE your site, will you be putting the downloads back up they were excellent, we share the same taste si im looking forward aishimight reading your recs It should help you with everything you should need to know about this afrections medium.

My interests include good books, good movies, good music and good ppl. How will Bella fair being a human, living in a house full of vampires, with a past that might come back to bite her?


Know that it was a hard decision bh make. Time goes on as Bella struggles to make a new life without him. Very engrossing and very easy to get lost in the story.

It’s a bit daunting. Bitter by an unfaithful wife Edward runs away to New York where he takes in an unlikely companion with a questionable occupation. Edward did more than just leave Bella in the woods five years ago. Mature but with plot. She meets the dazzling but rakish Edward, but is warned of his less than angelic ways. The Lit of Twi. Bella accepts, but has no clue who the actor is. Joinedid: Dangerous Affections by wishimight reviews Edward was taken against his will by the Volturi and forced into the life of an assassin.

Ok, the previous was written when I was only at chapter 8, now I’m at chapter 26 and holy crap is this fic good!

Dangerous Affections, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

Golden Moon — NusianForks. Edward and Bella are awkward, socially inept and clueless.

They are implying that we are only reading a story for the sex. No one sees or notices her. Its a brilliant, Brilliant story- written by two amazing, funny girls. Mix in some angst, drama, and hilarity you get one good story.

I would love you even more if Mr. It’s very high school drama but it’s sweet and there are really danferous moments.


I think maybe I’ll start in the WIPs, makes it easier once they’re completed.

The art of dating fanfiction

OOC – Out of character: Do opposites really attract? High Heels and Runaway Frisbees by enamors reviews Bella shares a very passionate and public kiss with a handsome, bronze haired stranger. Just In All Stories: In this story he’s a male nanny Edward is a doctor and longtime bachelor. Mind’s Eye by Lambently reviews Bella is a published author with writer’s block. Popularity and hype alone does not a quality story make. What’s with that flame on the water?

Just In All Stories: I eat up anything she’s written. Not just a chuckle but an eye-clenching, head thrown back, clutching my stomach kind of laughter. Hardcover Paranormal Romance by luluwolfkill reviews Edward has an issue with Bella Swan that can’t be found in the employee handbook. Edward is now an A-list actor and has signed on to star in a movie based on Bella’s creation.

Isle of Dreams by savannavansmutsmut reviews A plane crash leaves Bella stranded with a baby, a handsome but odd angry man, and his peculiar luggage on an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle.