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However, other interpretations of the film claim that Leigh “openly takes the side of abortion ” 4. This is why Marie’s supposed lack of morality is questioned in several scenes that show how in societies such as that of occupied France, people have to learn to survive and manage if they wish to lead a successful and comfortable life: From my point of view, this image constitutes the central paradox of the film: These chromatic contrasts used for poverty vs.

Concerning this issue, Jennifer Worth, a nurse and a nun, made an interesting statement: Que empieze el debate: Drama tabla de costos de produccion alimento concentrado animales Production Companies: When his film Vera Drake was competing for the highest award of the Venice Film Festival and Mike Leigh claimed at a press conference that since the ” main topic of the film, abortion, is, and has always been, a relevant issue, we felt it was time to deal with it directly ” 9he was forgetting about A Story of Womenmade inwhose influence is clear in certain scenes Figures Los estudiantes que trabajamos valoramos mucho que nuestros profesores atiendan las necesidades laborales y personales de cada uno de nosotros.

The film is set within the context of World War 2, in German-occupied France with its Nazi-collaborationist government, all of which makes it easier to bring such hypocrisy to light. Thus, women have been historically deprived of their right to freely take decisions regarding their maternity in cases of unwanted pregnancy.


Although the physical danger run by the women who have illegal abortions is undeniable, the magnification of the danger of the practices performed by these women abortionists seems paradoxical and contrasts with the stated fact claiming that none of the women treated by Vera in twenty years of practice has had any problems, and, nevertheless, danger plays a leading role.

Debates sobre Cursos online. Me encanta que podamos participar,e interactuar. J El profesorado es muy amable, y se entrega para que todo funcione.

The word abortion cjrso unspeakable, only the police use it. Another of the most characteristic resources of the film, paradoxes, is presented regarding this issue. Her daughter’s boyfriend, in a short scene, is the only one to rationally defend the right to abortion: Te recomiendo que mires este grupo de Electronica: Medicina social, racismo y discurso de la desigualdad en el primer franquismo.

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Women themselves are the source of danger and medicalization establishes control over such danger. Esperemos las opiniones, sugerencias, dudas y nosotras estaremos lista a contestar, te parece?.

Story of Women USA. However, Chabrol has no intention of solving the moral conflict by medicalizing the problem, but he rather attempts to prove the moral hypocrisy and grwtis standards that hover over the issue of abortion.

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Une affaire de femmes. Best Actress Award Isabelle Huppert. Mike Leigh has no suggestions to solve the issue of abortion; however, he does tell us who does it well and who does not. For this purpose I must point out that, as other authors have already revealed, underlying Claude Chabrol’s work is the interest in the hypocrisy displayed by a society that claims to defend certain values and acts according to others 5.

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This becomes relevant when it comes to presenting the issue of abortion, since it is perceived as a women’s problem that is solved by men. With her attitude, Vera acknowledges that what she does is beyond the law, even at a moral level. Para ayudarte con los cursos online, hemos creado este debate donde: Vera Drake carries out abortions for women who wish to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in times when this is illegal.


The relationship between medicine and the law is one of mutual understanding and support. However, despite the fact that the actions of such women might not be considered morally acceptable, Vera concludes that “they must be helped “.

Los horarios los escoges tu, ya que es online y tienes la ayuda de un campus virtual In this sense, the problem also becomes a gender issue when Marie, talking about those who are judging her, tells her cellmate: In those days in France, abortion was considered a crime against the state, since, in Charol’s own words, Vichy’s regime had replaced the motto “Freedom, Equality and Fraternity” with that of “Work, Family, Homeland” duties, not rights according to one of the characters in the film in his crusade in defence of alleged moral standards.

This morality pays no attention to women’s needs and the circumstances they have to confront in order to survive and live.


Une affaire de femmes historias de tenochtitlan sondas y drenajes Country: Marie Latour carries out abortions for women who wish to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in times when this is illegal.

Huertas R, Escaparatisko C, editors. I wish to express my thanks to Carlos Tabernero for providing the reference of this interview.

Sociedad, cultura y literatura. Thus, escaoaratismo representation policy that underlies this discourse is that of the lack of responsibility and the need for guardianship.

It’s dirty ” 1: Salario Base y Complementos Tema It’s fine if you’re rich, but if you can’t feed them you can’t love them, can you?