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drives MV drives cover the medium and high power range up to 33MW with motor voltages from 3. Using proven technology from Converteam’s extensive. MV MEDIUM VOLTAGE DRIVE RANGEUSER MANUAL SECTION 5: This document is the exclusive property of CONVERTEAM and cannot be. Converteam – an engineering company with more than. years CONVERTEAM AT A GLANCE Converteam MV Systems.

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As a result, the MV is at the top level for reliability, efficiency and power density. Most frequent English dictionary requests: Mobile Number Please enter Mobile Number.

There are two key components of an energy storage system: Higher efficiency and compatibility with all motors The inverter features the Press-Pack IGBT power semiconductors, which enhance the power capabilities of the MV in the larger sizes. The cost effective starter for all AC induction motors from 4A A The choice m7000 small to medium industrial applications The cost effective starter for all AC induction motors from 4A A The choice for small to medium industrial applications The XFE Soft Starter range provides a combination of competitive prices, flexible More information.

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The inverters are aimed at system integrators and More information. CG Drive- SK is an easy drive – easy to connect, easy to configure and easy to install. The CHPCi accommodates all the components of an automation controller into a single coherent unit: Soft start any motor from any drive and reduce the impact on the power system Synchronize the motors with mv7000 utility supply and run some or all motors on the utility supply at constant speed Run mv70000 motor at variable speed to allow process optimization.


With over 5, staff members in 17 convergeam, Converteam Group provides power conversion solutions worldwide in over 80 countries. Pre-magnetizing of the input transformer is achieved by means of auxiliary transformer. Thyristor based synchronous motor drive. Using proven technology from Converteam s extensive range of drives, the MV converters offer compact and efficient design and they convertdam match the more dynamic and high performance demands: International Journal of Engineering Inventions e-issn: Brochure Electric generators to power the world We provide motors and generators, services and expertise to save energy and improve customers processes over the total life cycle of our products, and beyond.

Ormen Lange is a gas field located km off the northwest coast of Norway in water vonverteam between and 1, meters. Rear access is not necessary. By accurately controlling the rolling mill process and its. Medium voltage AC drive for control of motors up to 6. Since then we have designed and manufactured high performance.

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In addition to smooth starting, the VSD provides smooth motor synchronizing. Scout RTUs are no longer in production. More specific properties for the CL are:. Thyristor-controlled power supplies and battery chargers Input voltage: Global use due to a wide-range input. Open the catalog to page 7. Low voltage AC drives.


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With their MDRC profile and a width of only. Converteam has a standard range of high power converters available for use in energy storage systems An efficient way to store and conveeteam the electrical energy. Diesel And Gas Generator Sets. Edac Power Electronics Suzhou M7v000. The subsea compression in Ormen Lange station will include four parallel compression trains, identical to the current pilot.

The direct coupling, with no gearbox, makes the system more efficient and reliable and allows a totally emission-free solution to be offered.

A full range of training is available including customized and advanced training. Please contact Converteam for details. Power management and stabilization of the grid are of growing importance, in particular with the increase of wind or solar farms. Electrical System, Network for Desalination. This is not a good example for the translation above.

The Quick Guide to AC Variable Frequency This ebook is meant as an easy guide to any electrical or electronic engineer or technician, who would like to know how modern ac variable frequency drives work.