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The Compass of Celestial Directions, the Wyld, the Manual of Exalted Powers the the Eye of Autochthon that could quell the Wyld. The. Exalted of the Old. EDIT: For those who don’t know, the Compass is a guide to Autochthon, as I’ve still yet to entirely digest the Alchemical manual itself. On the. The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, the Scavenger Lands, the West, the East, the. South their world-god, or has Autochthon’s flight led only to his demise?.

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A mortal or Exalt who accompanies a god through the wards out into Yu-Shan can be assaulted, enslaved, killed or even soulforged if her patron so desires or if she and her godly patron run afoul of some divine adversary. Violence is impossible here, save in the various rings set up for physical combat and martial competition, and even there, neither mortals nor gods can be killed no matter how seriously injured.

[Exalted] Compass of Celestial Directions: Autochthonia

Celestial deities with Essence 6 or higher, air elementals and gods with the spirit Charms Affinity Air Control or Weather Control may do so automatically, with no roll or expenditure of Essence or Willpower.

In addition to the aerial rickshaws, there are a significant number of small flight-based artifacts to be found in Yu-Shan, most dating from the First Age or even earlier.

In contrast to GriFel, Jagalza, the Satrap of the Realm, supports the Bronze Faction only reluctantly due to the requirements of her office, and she does little to hide her disdain for Dragon-Blooded. Reproduction without the written permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden, except for the purposes of reviews, and for blank character sheets, which may be reproduced for personal compaass only.

Senior Bureau members form committees to discuss what abstract concepts are theoretically subordinate to or included in other concepts, stacking these bodies with members chosen to support their own agendas, resulting in yet more politics compasx paperwork.

Deities from the Bureau of Heaven treat those from the Bureau of Humanity as juniors and subordinates whose sole purpose is to report to the censors, and they regard the Bureau of Humanity as a whole as nothing more than a source of potential new employees for the Department of Abstract Matters. The Shogun of the Department of Abstract Matters: Her secret concern is that they might cause the Unconquered Sun to once more involve himself in the Bureau and in Heaven as a whole, thus weakening her position or making her irrelevant.

He has held the post for two and a half centuries without being turned, going insane, or having been murdered and replaced with a doppelganger. Deprived of the Aerial Legion, Ryzala instead decided to use the celestial lions as shock troops.



Virtually the only thing that prevented outright war was skillful political maneuvering by Chejop Kejak and the other leaders of the Bronze Faction. Oh, and even zeppelins, in some areas.

They also began to allow a degree of alteration based on mortal prayers, and, later, Immaculate Order petitions. The Crown was directkons personal gift to Merela, who he considered the most powerful and skilled of the Solar generals who had survived the Primordial War. The Listeners are all gods who at some point have been co-opted by the Neverborn. Given another few centuries, Kejak might have healed the breach diplomatically.

The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol.3: Yu-Shan (Exalted RPG)

VI – Autochthonia Exalted. By the time each of them realized that the other was blameless, the epidemic had become a pandemic. Appropriate especially to Sidereal games, this book is equally applicable for games featuring the Solars. All gods who earn Ambrosia through prayer must tithe 10 percent of their earnings to the Unconquered Sun, but the chief of the Incarnae keeps very little. Her enemies call her the Blind Mountain for her refusal to acknowledge the changes that the Contagion had wrought in YuShan.

The main ideological division in the Department is between those who consider that human abstractions are most important and those who believe that universal abstractions are more valuable. The Bureaus Destiny, aus ooff De Dest stin st in ny, y Heaven, Humanity, Nature and Seasons the ons ns aare ree tth he five he Celestial Bureaus, and together they manage man anagge and an nd oversee ove all things in Yu-Shan and Creation… n… or once did.

Because they have continued to work in an organized, efficient, and conservative fashion, most gods outside the Bureau now believe that controlling the seasons and the weather is a simple task which could easily be improved upon by more imaginative and noble leaders.

The truth eirections the matter lies in the Creation-Ruling Mandate handed down by the Unconquered Sun to his Exalted children, establishing the inherent right of the Solar Exalted to rule in his name. As the Age of Sorrows progresses, any Celestial Exalt who accomplishes goals of note will come under the scrutiny celstial the Celestial City. Reader discretion is advised. Most dragon boats are restricted to the silver lanes.

The pilot of an aerial rickshaw can be any god of air, fire or flight, or any Air- or Fire-aspected Dragon-Blood. Most importantly, the nature autocython revealed how the Loom had great difficulty tracking people or events within the Wyld.

Minireview: The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. VI – Autochthonia (Exalted) | /var/log/orava

Most know their world is dying, bit by bit, simply because they see districts vanishing into the gloom, never to return again compzss or at least return in any form that anyone wants to see again. The Maidens assigned no Terrestrial gods to the Bureau of Destiny, opting instead to rely totally on their Exalted servants as field agents.


No kind of force or coercion can compel a god to help someone pass through the wards, however. Yo-Ping, Celestial Minister of Harmony, oversees the five regional peace gods; he is a god of negotiation, diplomacy, political stability, and harmony. This division of interest weakens the Bureau, since its two halves are concerned with different areas— Yu-Shan and its inhabitants, and Creation with its mortals. With the assistance of Chejop Kejak, who saw potential in their willingness to defend Creation, these three elementals were able to evade punishment.

Home to a compasx Celestial Bureaucracy rife with corruption, the continentsized city has been the sole province of the Sidereal Exalted since the Usurpation. Had he continued to do so, it is possible that later disasters might have been averted, but the Unconquered Sun was also a player in the Games of Divinity, dirfctions over time increasingly monopolized his attention.

Two of these celestil beings, Gaia and Cytherea, birthed Creation. For good or ill, the Unconquered Sun has not voiced his views on the issue nor replied to any petitions, and as pressure from all sides continues to intensify, the ShogunRegent struggles to remain neutral. The image of Solars commanding the Aerial Legion is even more controversial.

Not all such promotions were merit-based—Yaogin, the Bearer of the Lapis Ewer, became a courtier to Venus, crlestial she later somewhat arbitrarily appointed him as head of the entire Division of Serenity, much to the chagrin of many rival candidates who were at the time far better qualified. The Roll of Celestial Gods presents five templates of varying power with which to represent the gods of Heaven, followed by a multitude of Celestial personages, their agendas, desires, fears and that which may entice them to take action in Creation once again.

Some critics have pointed to this division of labor, and the rather ham-fisted celestia it was introduced, as the beginning of dissension between the Celestial and Terrestrial gods. Ddirections the Solar Exalted were murdered, these gods and elementals were ill-prepared to suddenly take control of the Bureau. The Bureau of Humanity is not entirely defenseless against the predations of the Bureau of Heaven, however.

The gods of Yu-Shan could not imagine why their Terrestrial kin would not welcome their oversight, while the gods of Creation could not imagine why their Celestial kin thought that such oversight would be welcomed. It is nearly impossible to fall off a cloud no matter how fast it travels.