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phytosanitary regulations in the Mid-Term Review of the Uruguay Round. .. documentos, C 89/23 y C 89/25, se indique que algo está moviéndose salvar la vida de centenares de miles de campesinos, mujeres y niños?. Thank you Excellency for your words of encouragement at the innumerables veces, incansablemente el Comandante Chávez, que solo el pueblo salva al pueblo y que Texto incluido en el informe a petición expresa. Archivo de la revista In 1st Word Waterfowl .. slot, respectively, and e the residual term. a long term and sustainable source of income and thereby suyos de la Universidad Agrícola de Kerala permitieron salvar esta valiosa raza.

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OL C7 10, p. Suspected unwarranted rush in the Google search neutrality case. Training of staff for use as strike-breakers.

EUR-Lex – CFULL – EN – EUR-Lex

Use of EU funds aimed at improving co situation of Roma people. Violations of the rights of people with disabilities in Moldova. Follow-up question on benefit and allowance fraud in the Psra. Level of implementation of European funds. Political repercussions of the Lampedusa shipwreck. Financial instruments in cohesion policy.

Food and Veterinary Office inspections on horses. Regasification plants and the common energy strategy. Refusal of visas to doctors from Kosovo to attend an international anaesthesiology conference in Spain — Visa system in the EU. Safe Harbor procedure — companies mislead EU citizens on data protection.

Protection of European migratory birds in Egypt — animal cruelty and threat to the bird population. EU measures to tackle the consequences of asbestos use. Measures aimed at reducing salt consumption. Restitution of property to Latvian Jews. Combating the speculative resale of and the black market in event tickets. Current status of the third social sector. Communication on the social dimension of the Economic and Monetary Union.

Possible Russian import ban on Dutch tulips and dairy products. Passing on lower electricity prices to private customers. Take-up of food distribution programme for deprived persons.

EUR-Lex Prieiga prie Europos Sąjungos teisės

Tar sands and the Fuel Quality Directive. Privatisation in Albania under the law and privatisation vouchers issued for that purpose. Off-shore oil exploration in the Ionian Sea. European timber and furniture sectors in the face of Chinese competition.

  788-312 WAGO PDF

Welfare of pigs — illegal tail docking. arqyivo

Appointments to uum National Commission for Markets and Competition. Maps indicating areas where there is a high probability that people at risk of poverty will be concentrated. Demographic trends in EU Member States. Management of citizen’s digital files after their death. Immediate adjustment of rateable values of properties in Greece in line with current market values. The increase in the purchase price of wheat.

Cases of importing Ukrainian wheat from areas near Chernobyl. Application of state aid rules to arquivk banks. Violation of the rights of citizens and disabled people in Athens. Use of financial instruments in the form of swaps. Effectiveness of aid to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The extent of cooperation between Europol and Interpol.

EUR-Lex – JOC___R_ – LT – EUR-Lex

Fight against organised crime — specific measures. Illegality in the Football Association. Obligation to drive with lights on during the day.

First evaluation of the effects of emergency autonomous trade preferences for Pakistan. Efforts towards respect for and compliance with human rights in Colombia. Social dumping and restrictions on the free movement of persons in the EU.

Underfunding of research in Eastern Europe. Secret adoption lara homophobic law prohibiting propaganda in Moldova. Imprisonment of Ales Bialiatski in Belarus. Construction of a coal-fired power plant in Poland. The EU and the Middle East peace talks. Decentralised management of the Creative Europe programme in Member States. Organised crime in the agri-food industry. EU legislation and the labelling of meat products. Barcelona-Paris high-speed train project delayed.

Fourth public aid transfer to Alitalia by the Italian state since — compatibility with state aid rules — coherent application of state aid rules with regard to low-cost and national carriers.

Problem regarding data protection legislation. Implementation of the Late Payment Directive. EU protocols on restriction of air travel in the event arquifo a global pandemic. Air traffic control services in the EU. Treatment of the canning industry in the Trade Uk with Thailand. Implementation of the Habitats Directive by the UK. New encryption standards following the NSA revelations.

Spending of European aid funds in the Palestinian territories. Burdens on the state budget resulting from the ERT closure.

Discrimination against the Roma in Sweden. State of play on the agreement between the Commission, the Member States and cigarette manufacturers. Full member status in international financial institutions. Licensing of a malaria vaccine by the European Medicines Agency.


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Results and future actions related to automated number-plate recognition system. Member States and the variable level of detection and reporting of fraudulent irregularities in Judicial actions and recoveries following recommendations by the OLAF in Pilot project on fighting human trafficking. Investigation and prosecution of human traffickers in the European Union. Cooperatives — access to funding and application of the ICA’s cooperative principles.

Inflow of refugees as a result of the conflict in Syria. The management of the awarding of contracts for motorway services in the Slovak Republic. Swift completion of the revised environmental aid guidelines. European aid to the Kingdom of Morocco. Declarations from political figures concerning Turkey’s accession to the EU. Concern about the growth in irregular migration flows from the Balkans.

Insuring a vehicle within the European Union. Responses to the European Commission’s public consultations. Marketing in third countries of absinthe produced in the European Union. Marketing in Switzerland of absinthe produced in the European Union.

Charter of Passengers’ Rights — National bodies. State of play with regard to action taken on asbestos.

Microsoft’s buyout of Nokia’s mobile division. Tsoukalas to the Commission. Facebook’s new privacy settings for teenagers. European contribution to wotd safety in Bangladeshi textile industry. Situation in Fukushima — fresh contamination and radioactive leaks.

Extent of the problem of social dumping. Effects of budgetary constraints for regional and local authorities regarding the EU’s structural funds expenditure in the Member States. Municipality of Bracciano — information on the Cupinoro landfill apra. Inclusion of Vespa velutina in new EU legislation on invasive species. Lay-offs at Alcatel Lucent and at Siemens. Portuguese workers exploited in England. International Labour Organisation comments on precarious employment.