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Ben Forta has three decades of experience in the computer industry in product Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 3: Advanced. DZone recently caught up with Ben Forta, ColdFusion guru and renowned book author to discuss the state of the ColdFusion market, CF. Ben Forta is Adobe Systems Inc’s Senior Director of Education Initiatives. His primary Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 1: Getting Started. Adobe Press. ISBN X. Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web.

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And ColdFusion 9 is no exception.

It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s intuitive, and it’s fully backwards compatible. Ben, it’s a real pleasure to have you with us today. And I think the key message in ColdFusion 9 is that we’ve improved a lot of what was there already and also given developers a whole lot of new productivity tools for whatever coldfuaion is they’re doing.

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 3 : Advanced Application Development

Do you have any final words of advice for our audience? ColdFusion 8 introduced server monitoring for single and multiple servers.

Introducing the Web Application Framework So if you want to try a remote server, somebody else’s, you can do that also. Ben is also a successful entrepreneur with experience creating, building, and selling start-ups.

Enhanced Java Integration These are all doable!

It does the kind of things you’d expect in an editor. Honestly, we don’t get into those kinds of questions as much as we used to. Integrating with Adobe Flex ColdFusion Security Options This limitation cooldfusion been removed in ColdFusion 9.


You can and should and it will be supported and we will continue to improve the core ColdFusion functionality. There are people whose knowledge of ColdFusion is based upon what they experienced back in ColdFusion 5 and earlier.

Way back when, we spent half our lives fighting about ColdFusion for being bwn, we’re now fighting about it being too expensive compared to free open source alternatives.

Introducing Adobe ColdFusion 9

There will be three volumes like there are currently, co,dfusion the plan is for them to be released in early If you need to work with Flex and AIR, there’s a significantly improved integration including the build interface online. And honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen a single user who jumped up and down for every single thing he saw, but everybody seems to identify some coldvusion in ColdFusion 9 that is going to make their lives easier.

We had to make some tough decisions about what to include, what not to include. So there’s a significant torta. For example, a table containing books with columns named title and author and ISBN, would have a corresponding coldfuion with the same properties. Enjoy, and good luck with ColdFusion 9! If you want to build a back end for a rich internet app, ColdFusion just blows everything else out of the water over there.

You eliminate the up-front costs, because it’s a kind of pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow type scenario. You create local variables and so on.

  BOSCH DHR-753-16A200 PDF

Ben Forta | ColdFusion Books

The downside of how most of us integrate databases into our ColdFusion apps is that we tend to write database specific code even at the client level, the code generating output or working with form fields, for example. It can clear the template caches, upload hot-fixes to one or more servers, and even allow you to select two ColdFusion servers to compare their configuration settings, highlighting any differences between them. If you want to call one of those built-in services, we expose them, and there is this streamed model around them to ensure that they’re exposed properly and who gets access to what.

So ColdFusion 9 is a very exciting release for lots of reasons. Conditional Processing in ColdFusion Aug 16, In ColdFusion 9, for the first time, it is possible to build an entire application, beginning to end, including the application CFC and everything, entirely in script without needing a single line of CFML.

It’s new to ColdFusion 9 for us, but this is actually something the community drove. The notion of object-relational mapping has been around for sometime now in the Java universe. We’ve known that was coming. Server Side Printing