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Familia: Ariidae Genus: Cathorops Species: Cathorops melanopus. Name[edit]. Cathorops melanopus (Günther, ). Cat-eLog Data Sheet. Scientific Name, Cathorops melanopus (Günther, ). Common Name, Dark Sea Catfish. Type Locality, Río Motagua. Kingdom: Animalia. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Synonym(s). Common Name(s): dark sea catfish [English]. bagre prieto [Spanish]. Taxonomic Status.

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Premaxilla quite narrow and long.

Cathorops – Wikipedia

Freshwater Fishes of Mexico. Aguadulce Sea Catfish or bagre aguadulce.

The species of Cathorops from the Mesoamerica Atlantic slope and Caribbean Central America are revised, and three new species are described: Dorsomedian groove of neurocranium formed by frontals and supraoccipital, relatively deep catuorops long, its margins well marked and progressively narrower posteriorly.

One pair of oval shaped accessory tooth cathorpps of moderate size, distant from one another. Cathorops higuchii inhabits shallow coastal areas and low portions of coastal rivers.


Bulletin of Marine Science, Volume 2, FAO, Rome.

ECO-SC1, Lips thick, lower lip thicker than upper lip. Dentary with well pronounced posterior projection, with sharp teeth on anterior portion, molariform teeth on posterior portion, few conical teeth on intermediate area.

Cathorops kailolae can be additionally distinguished from C. Anterior and posterior nostrils quite distant from one another. Dark Sea Catfish, bagre prieto.

Dark sea catfish

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 45 1: Individual measurements are given for the holotypes except of C. Galeichthys aguadulce Meek, Head short and depressed, profile slightly convex at level of frontals and supraoccipital. Spike shaped gill rakers on second arch 134 or 5 4 on upper limb, 9 to 11 9 on lower limb. Miller; USNM25 3, Lateral and mesial surfaces of first and second gill arches without fleshy cathodops intercalated with gill rakers. The mdlanopus fishes of Mexico, north of the isthmus of Thenantepec.

Tables 1 and 2. FMNH1, Description of Cathorops manglarensisa new species from the Colombian Pacific, with redescription of Cathorops multiradiatus Siluriformes; Ariidae.

  BMX AMO 0210 PDF

Cathorops fuerthii – Wikipedia

Head moderately long and depressed, profile slightly convex at level of frontals and supraoccipital. Nuchal plate crescent-shaped, moderate in size. Body with same cathorrops brown color, progressively lighter towards lateral line and rather light beige under lateral line.

Nuchal plate crescent-shaped, long and wide. Miller; USNM3 2, Cathorops higuchii is additionally distinguished from C.

Males with deeper and wider body than females. Tables 1 and 6. Anzeiger der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien,