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Population: The global population size has not been quantified, but this species is described as ‘fairly common’ (Stotz et al. (). Trend Justification: This. Crimson-crested Woodpecker (Campephilus melanoleucos), , Caio Brito, , , Brazil, Área 4 – Consultoria Terracal, Guadalupe-PI, Piauí, Page: Tree of Life Campephilus melanoleucos. Crimson-crested Woodpecker. The TEXT of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons.

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Villa Rica Coffee plantations, Pasco. Many features of this site will not work without javascript.

Humid forest with coffee. Mozeskreek area, W Suriname. Year-round Migration Breeding Non-Breeding. It is one of the largest woodpeckers in its range, though the higher elevation powerful woodpecker is roughly the same size.

Campephilus melanoleucos

Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive. About ft away in tropical deciduous forest. A male on the trunk By Tadeusz Stawarczyk. Rio Claro reserve, San Francisco, Antioquia. Crimson-crested woodpeckers chip out holes, often quite large, while searching out insects in trees. Crimson-crested Woodpecker Campephilus melanoleucosfemale By jacqueserard bluewin.


Retrieved from ” https: A rear view of a male on a trunk. Where it overlaps with Red-necked Woodpecker Campephilus rubricollisit is easily identified by plumage, and Red-necked occurs in more closed forest. It is also replaced at higher elevations in the Andes by Powerful Woodpecker Campephilus pollens. In contrast, the most similar species throughout its range is the smaller Lineated Woodpecker Dryocopus lineatusbut the male Lineated has a narrow white stripe from the bill that connecting with the white neck stripe.

Female By Tomas Grim. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Crimson-crested Woodpecker Campephilus melanoleucosversion 1.

International Union for Conservation of Emlanoleucos. Female lays 2 to 3 white eggs, sometimes four. Descriptive notes 33—38 cm; — g. Krabbe cut 1. Male in typical attitude By gleboff31 gmail.

Subspecies and Distribution C. To make the most of all of HBW’s features, discover our subscriptions now! Habitat Very wide range of habitats: Very busy male By gleboff31 gmail. They mainly eat wood-boring insects and larvae, as well as antstermitessmall vertebrates and caterpillars.


Crimson-crested Woodpecker Campephilus melanoleucosmale By jacqueserard bluewin. Occurs in numerous protected areas throughout exensive range Adult perched By Markus Lilje. Male By Luis R Figueroa. This male is looking for food on trunk of a palm tree By Hermann Brehm. Photos per page 25 50 It is replaced west of the Andes by Guayaquil Woodpecker Campephilus gayaquilensiswhich looks and sounds remarkably similar to Crimson-crested.

The lineated woodpecker is the only bird of similar plumage and size. Gmelin, Suriname. Retrieved 26 November It usually occurs in pairs or family groups and can be quite noisy.

It is a very large, robust woodpecker with a large red crest.

Bird seeking for food

Crimson-crested woodpecker Male Conservation status. Skip to main content. By Josep del Hoyo.