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User Tutorial. CaliberRM. ™. Borland Software Corporation may have patents and/or pending patent applications covering subject matter in this document. Check out our youtube channel for new set of videos on Caliber, which will make you a Caliber pro in no time!. RequisitePRO RE-tool tutorial Group1 Office tools – 98 0, RequisitePRO CORE Evaluation scenario CaliberRM RE-tool tutorial.

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Messages and replies are stored for each requirement, so everyone knows exactly which requirement is being discussed. Headers and fields for additional requirement data. The Project Info tab allows you to enable or disable security and shared requirements, and displays the project description.

Using Caliber Import Factory to Import CaliberRM requirements from an Excel Spreadsheet

Click to Expand or Collapse the main window. On the last page of the document, type Software Requirements as a header for a new section. Managers, Developers, Engineers, Marketing, etc. CaliberRM displays the data for the requirement. Select the Balance Transaction requirement. The tab displays tutrial list of all of the selected assigned and available glossaries. Select the Password Never Expires check box. Displays differences by Difference type.

Custom Tabs – a read-only list of the custom tabs assigned to the requirement type, and the user-defined attributes assigned to the selected custom tab.

This approach helps project teams track relationships between requirements and evaluate the impact of requirement changes more effectively than in a document-centric approach. Requirements can originate from many sources such as business rules, business process models, product marketing, prototypes, development meetings and more.


Step 2 of the User Creation Wizard is displayed. When the Comment dialog box is displayed, type the comment Linked to reference text for the change and click OK. The Caliber Document Factory processes the data. Click Close in the Requirement Types dialog box. Customers will be able to obtain current balance information on their checking, savings and money market accounts from the ATMs. This tutorial guides you through the steps required to create a group using the wizard.

The drawing on the following page illustrates the hierarchy of user and group lists from the framework level to the requirement level. Click the New File button. These are referred to as command loops and are used to process lists of information, such as a list of traceability links or a list of users responsible for a requirement. The Caliber Document Factory provides a robust, flexible way to produce customized specification documents.

Enter any phone, fax, pager and location information that you want. Click the References tab. A test planning and management tool from Mercury Interactive. These steps help you further define requirements by linking them to reference documents and other requirements, and allow you to define a validation procedure for testing. For example, all requirements contain the attribute Priority to indicate the priority of the requirement.

The Glossary dialog box is displayed. A system attribute is one which CaliberRM automatically assigns to each requirement. In Word, you can create templates containing fields that correspond to CaliberRM requirement attributes. Typically, several individuals may be assigned to eachCreating a Requirement29requirement. Well use Standalone Operation.


User information includes contact information for each user, including an e-mail address used for automatic notification. If you prefer, you can work in a Word document until you have finished it, then convert it to a template file and place it in a folder reserved for Document Factory templates. When the Comment dialog box is displayed, type the comment Linked to Account Balance requirement for the change and click OK.

CaliberRM Borland Tutorial

Close the Baseline Maintenance window. If you assign and attempt to save a password that is not consistent with the Password Policy, you will get an error message. The glossary is assigned to the project.

The New Baseline window closes automatically and the new baseline is listed in the Baseline drop-down list on the menu. That option is selected by default when you install CaliberRM. The New List Item line appears. Select the project that contains the baselines you want to view and select the Project Baselines tab.

CaliberRMs group discussion feature is also accessible through a Web component. Click the Trace To button to create a link from the Balance Transaction requirement to the Account Balance requirement. CaliberRM is a collaborative, Internet-based requirements management system that enables project teams to deliver higher quality applications that meet end-user specifications.

All of the users assigned to the group are also assigned to the project.