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EagleBurgmann Cartex cartridge seals are fully pre-assembled and precisely installed component seals incorporated in a cover and shaft sleeve. The seals are. Burgmann Cartex Mechanical seal. Balanced,independent of direction of rotation ,cartridge seal,spring static,nice compensate,can fit system pressure moment. EagleBurgmann Cartex® Cartridge seals are fully pre-assembled The Cartex® -DN is the double seal variant in the .. Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co. KG.

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DGS Centers of Competence. Oil and gas industry.

For a larger view, please mouseover the image. Extended service life Installation faults are avoided, cost-effective No damage caused by dirt entered during assembly Straight-forward and easy installation due to pre-assembled unit reduced downtimes.

The spirit of “technology innovation, quality win, the customer first, sincere service” business philosophy, constantly bring forth the new through the old company’s products.

Carbon floating ring seals.

Cartex GSDN Gas-Lubricated Mechanical Seal

This prevents harmful contamination and increases operational reliability, especially in applications where the media contains solids. Looking for a solution for your application?

Please be as detailed as possible in describing your application and industry so that an EB Pro will be able to provide you with the best possible solution. Place your request for this product, here.

Cartex Dual seals – Sealing Solutions

Ask an EagleBurgmann Pro! Silicon carbide Q1 Secondary seals: Wide sliding faces ensure high gas film stability. Solutions for Innovative Energy Production. DGS Centers of Competence. Internal pressurization together with centrifugal forces creates a self-cleaning effect at the sliding faces during ongoing operation. Dual seal Cartridge Balanced Independent of direction of rotation Double pressure balanced Integrated pumping device Variants available: Pressure less than or equal to 2.


Process industry Petrochemical industry Chemical industry Pharmaceutical industry Power plant technology Pulp and paper industry Water and waste water technology Mining industry Food and beverage industry Sugar industry Universally applicable Centrifugal pumps Eccentric screw pumps Process pumps. U grooves are a standard feature and enable bi-directional operation of the seal. Your contact Place your request for this product, here.

Your contact Place your request for this product, here.

Place your request for this product, here. Carbon floating ring seals. Silicon carbide face materials and a high-strength coating ensure optimal performance in continuous operation. Silicon carbide Q1 Secondary seals: Cartex Mechanical Seals are engineered to provide the extra margin of performance. Petrochemical industry Chemical industry Pharmaceutical industry Power plant technology Pulp and paper industry Mining industry Food and beverage industry Sugar industry Universally applicable Centrifugal pumps Eccentric screw pumps.

Wuhan Burgmann mechanical seal co. Water and Water Waste. Installation, details, options Dimensions. Products Products Members News.

SS-Cartex-SN: Burgmann Cartex Single seal replacement

Germany by relying on advanced production technology, scientific design, is to develop a mechanical seal, packing, gasket sheet, rubber seal, and seal auxiliary system five categories, more than 30 series, more than specifications.

Products Mechanical seals Mechanical seals for pumps Standard cartridge seals. Sign up now to receive the latest news on new EagleBurgmann products and case stories.

The company is located in the center of China — Wuhan City, geographical location, traffic developed. Burgmann Cartex Mechanical seal.

Sliding face material combination Q1Q1 or U2Q1. Designed to withstand critical situations during start-up and shut-down or if a fault occurs in the buffer gas supply. No less than 60 subsidiaries and further locations underline burggmann presence in the leading economic regions.


Users can install bi-directional gas-lubricated Cartex GSDN seals to standardize their new pumps or to recondition existing pumps which have conventional stuffing box packings or liquid-lubricated mechanical seals. Designing for Difficult Process Media. High axial tolerance and the absence of dead space.

Cartex brochure – download.

Cartex Seals

Pulp and paper industry. Cartex Seal High-Performance Materials. HR principle is the characteristic design feature of the Cartex series: Products and services throughout China in the four corners of the world, its brand in the country has a very high visibility, the product in strict accordance with the Burgmann Germany standard production, application scope of coverage of the mechanical carttex all dynamic, static sealing occasions, wide field of application of penetration into the power plant, chemical, aerospace, shipping, shipbuilding, automobile, medicine, food, textile, printing and dyeing industry.

Case Studies Runs smoothly, even with inadequate lubrication Runs smoothly, even with inadequate lubrication more Case Studies. The advantages are clear: Installation, details, options Product variants Dimensions.

Advantages Ideal caartex use in ANSI process pumps Universally applicable for packings conversions, retrofits or original equipment Ideal seal for standardizations No dimensional modification of the seal chamber necessary, small radial installation height No damage to the shaft by dynamically loaded o-ring.