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Real-time pricing, availability & fast worldwide shipping on the BST International EKR Buy online now or contact us for manuals or pdfs. Buy New or Surplus BST EKR (DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER, COMBI WEB GUIDING CONTROLLER, /VAC, 50/60HZ) parts. Radwell. Manuals. A. AUTONICS TZ4ST/TZ4SP SERIES TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER. B. BST EKR – WEB GUIDE. H. HEIDENHAIN – ROTARY.

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When activating the opposite direction the alarm message will reset automatically. Remove the cover plate with the cable gland and pull out the PCB?

Ekrr slow guiding reaction is desired, the gain may still be reduced further. The compact design of all BST eltromat controllers facilitates the direct attachment to or in your guiding device or machine.

Electrical Manuals

Modern production machines for the processing and finishing of web-type materials work at the highest speeds — and always have to deliver reliable, defect-free results. There will be an increased risk of danger by line voltage! Advanced version with the highest ease of use: Slip the hose ends onto the corresponding connection pieces S1 and S2.


Set DIL-switches according to application. Remove material from both sensors and clean the lenses! Maintenance The amplifier is maintenance-free.

Remote control Truth table for the remote control inputs EKR e. Select sensors or 3. Correct in case of deviation.

Tracking People with N In case of separate mounting, the pneumo-electronic transducer ZT 6. The amplifier recognised hereby the connected components. Clean existing edge sensor. If only one sensor is present, seal the second connection S1 at the ZT 6.

Full integration into the machine control system via: The ekr digital unit touch impresses customers with its exceptional user-friendliness, ease of installation and use, and compact design.

Motor was switched off. Never clean the edge sensor with compressed air! When actuator EMS 6 will be employed, interchange the terminals 65 and 66 in addition. Cover edge sensor completely again. Cover the sensor with the material to be guided! Ensure that there is no obstruction between the light source and the PLE, then rotate the PLE around its longitudinal axis until the meter gives maximum reading. The machine must be protected against danger of injury according to the relevant rules and regulations!


The lateral channel compressor unit BS has to be installed on even and plane surface either vertically or horizontally. The cleaning of the keyboard should be carry out with a dry, clean and smooth cloth. If this should not be the case, a correction of the zero point should be made with the potentiometer 2. Assembly, installation and commissioning must be carried out by qualified personnel!

Electrical Manuals

Simultaneously, the OK-relay is switched-off. The possible shifting of guiding point is max. Tread the individual insulated leads through the galvanised washer, included janual delivery and press the washer onto the shield braiding. With free fork-shaped opening, a room temperature of