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Learn more about Bodet Sigma Mod Master Clock’s specifications and and other systems; Automatic resetting of time distribution after power shortage; Clock . SYNCHRONISED CLOCK SYSTEMS The European Leader in Time first phase in time distribution where the master clock receives a very accurate time signal. Time distribution and relay programming through DHF radio and NTP on the all new bodet sigma Centrlized master clock system.

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Synchronised, accurate time across your organisation using the best technology for your needs Bodet offers maste types of Clock Systems. Master Clocks come with an antenna which can receive a radio signal, such as GPS.

Synchronises the computer network NTP time server. Computer network time distribution Connected to a computer network, the slave clocks receive an NTP time message from the master clock which is also connected to the network.

Open the catalog to page 8.

With its satellite network the GPS system ssystem time synchronisation anywhere in the world. With Impulse Time Distribution, a signal is sent through polarised impulses every minute, half minute or second.

The monitored time distribution operates The alerts can be reviewed and the associated parameters can be set. Open the catalog to page 3. Find out more OK.

Find out more OK. Open the catalog to page 6. A GPS system ensures accuracy by using a network of 24 satellites with global coverage. With every clock and networked device across your organisation displaying exactly the same accurate time, you increase efficiency.


A Master Clock is a programmable unit able to transmit reliable, consistent time data to a network of clocks. Get a free quote and advice from Bodet Register your enquiry.

There are two different time distribution types which can be used with a Wired Clock System.


Open the catalog to page 4. The time message is sent either periodically Multicast or on demand Unicast. Open the catalog to page 5. For a new building, either a Wired Clock System or a Wireless Clock System would be suitable, depending on your requirements. Up to 30 km 50 clocks max. If you have many networked devices on an existing IT network or require pinpoint accuracy, we would recommend our Time Server.

This can be provided either via a Master Clock, or a Time Server. Impulse Time Distribution This technology is suitable for small installations where there is a limited number of slave clocks, and limited wiring distance. The GPS antenna receives a UTC Universal Time Coordinated time message and, if necessary, the master clock performs a time shift to match the time zone of its location. This provides a cost effective solution for small Clock Systems with analogue clocks.

Time Distribution – Bodet – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

A good reception of three satellites is sufficient for accuracy greater than one microsecond. A wired alternative to Master Clocks are our Time Serverswhich allow you to send a time signal to additional devices on a network, in addition to clocks.


Another option is NTP Network Time Protocola type of network protocol used to synchronise both clocks and additional devices across an existing data network. The clocks send alerts via the ethernet network. Time Management Solutions This technology is suitable for small installations where there is a limited number of slave clocks, and limited wiring distance.

Wired Clock System – Clocks & Clock Systems – Bodet

The Online Industrial Exhibition. This type of distribution is mainly used in large installations such as Airports and Railways where there are long distances between the slave clocks.

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to the use of cookies. For a refurbishment or in an existing building, we recommend our new state-of-the art Wireless Clock System. Bodet offers several types of Clock Systems.

Select a clock system for your organisation

Time distribution Time distribution consists in synchronizing a network Controls the network of relays, bell systems and microphones.

Our licence free Sigma Software lets you configure all of these elements from a PC without needing to access settings on the Master Clock directly.

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