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Birsa Movement was led by Birsa Munda in areas of modern Bihar and Jharkhand The Mundas were the frustrated tribal people who resorted. Though he lived a short span of life, Birsa Munda is known to have In recognition of his impact on the nationals movement, the state of. Birsa Munda National Institute of Tribal Research, Rourkela Birsa Munda is an outstanding representative of one such movement in late 19th century in.

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Birsa stressed monogamy at a later stage in his life. The movement sought to assert rights of the Mundas as the real proprietors of the soil, and the expulsion of middlemen and the British. He rebuked them and referred the wife of Jaga Munda to her husband.

Merchants from Calcutta started trading along the river Bhagirathi.

The revolt had rocked the British administration to the extent that the commissioner declared a reward of Rs for the arrest of Birsa. On 7th January the Birsait crowed attacked Khunti Police station, killed a constable and razed the house of local shopkeepers.

Birsa Movement – General Knowledge Today

When he left jail in Novemberhe once again began organising the tribals. They usurped the tribal lands, and reduced virsa to a slave-like existence. His portrait hangs in the Indian Parliament Museum ; [5] he is the only tribal leader to have been so honored. He spent two years in jail.

He gave a vision of a nation. Many of the wounded were buried alive. Therefore, he was converted to Christianity as Birsa David and got enrolled in the school. Faced with daily hunger, Birsa bira to the forests.

Who was Birsa Munda? | Who Is News, The Indian Express

About tribal people were arrested of which one was given with capital punishment, 39 were awarded for transportation for life and 23 people for 14 years jail.


He was also a self-proclaimed messenger of the almighty and propagated the principles of Hindu religion. He received his early education from a school at Salga, run by a Jaipal Nag. It also symbolized the strength of the tribal community and the courage tribals possessed to stand against the prejudice of the British Raj. Birsa thought that the Mundas were the real proprietors of the soil and as such they could not tolerate any middlemen.

For his bravery and wide support I the entire region, Birsa was a cause of distress for the British government. The concept of one God appealed to his people who found his religion and mocement relig healer, a miracle-worker, and a preacher spread.

Who was Birsa Munda?

The British retaliated and brought in the armed police. Contemporary and later folk songs commemorate the tremendous impact of Birsa on his people, their jay and expectations at his advent.

Many British fled the region. Name of Birsa’s Mother. During the early s, he started spreading awareness among the common people about the plans of the British company to gain total control of India. While the cases were on, he began vomiting blood in jail. The influence of Christianity shaped his own religion. His real appearance was extraordinary pleasant: Birsa Munda Statue Commitee, Rourkela.

In some villages they had completely lost their proprietary rights, and had been reduced to the position of farm labourers. Though he lived for a very short span of 25 years, he aroused the mind-set of the tribals and mobilized them in a small town of Chotanagpur and was a terror to the British rulers. He was treacherously caught on 3 February and died in mysterious conditions on 9 June in Ranchi Jail. This also followed the pattern of the Sardar agitation which turned to the Roman Catholic mission, seeking support for their claims, and the, disappointed, returned to the old faith.

As the tribals with their primitive technology could not generate a surplus, non-tribal peasantry were invited by the chiefs in Chhotanagpur to settle on and cultivate the land. On June 9,he died at the age of 25 in Ranchi Jail where he was imprisoned. The new class of Thikadars were of a more rapacious kind and eager to make most of their possessions. Click here to sign up. He was nabbed while asleep at Jamkopai forest in Chakradharpur on March 3, Exciting moments of his childhood were spent on the akhara the village wrestling ground.


The folk songs reflect popular confusion and refer to both Ulihatu and Chalkad as his munxa. Not only were attacks launched on the moneylender-landlord-mahajan-contractor combine, but directly against the British.

Raj Bhavan Jharkhand Official website. In Singhbhum as in Palamau and Manbhum the forest settlement operations were launched and measures were taken to determine the rights of the forest-dwelling communities. Newer Post Older Post Home. Dead body of Birsa Munda is reported to have been criminated near the distillery bridge Kokar Ranchi.

During the period, toBirsa Munda spent a large amount of time in Chaibasa which was close to the centre of the Sardars agitation. He was a visionary who played a crucial role in liberation of his community, the tribal people, who were exposed to persistent dominance by the British exploitative policies and atrocities.

Birsa Movement

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat The colonialist connection of Christianity was a powerful tool of selling Christianity as the religion of the downtrodden. Exciting moments of his childhood were spent on the akhara the village dancing ground.