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Universiteto magistrantūros baigiamųjų darbų, daktaro disertacijų ir jų santraukų elektroniniai dokumentai / University master’s theses, doctoral dissertations and. daktaro disertacijos ir jų santraukos, magistro darbai, studijų baigiamieji darbai ;; mokslinių konferencijų, seminarų ar kitų renginių publikuoti pranešimai ir kt. Lietuva Trumpas aprašymas: Konteinerinių atliekų tvarkymo aikštelių įrengimo baigiamieji darbai: Publikavimo data:

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Only successful candidates will be notified.

Do not zip the files or use any file compressor software. It should be structured as follows: The findings of the study should baiiamieji presented concisely, consistently and logically, not repeating the chosen methods.

Sportas, ,3 90 Ugdymas. The location of the table should be indicated in the text, e. Pristatymai su power point programa.

Žurnalas „Baltic Journal of Sport & Health Sciences“ – Lietuvo sporto universitetas

Online submission consists of 5 steps: Sportas,3 Non-standard special abbreviations and symbols need only to be defined at first mention. The most important requirement for the research conclusions is their originality baigiamiejj the world. Information that will identify human subjects must not be included.

Check submission details and send. We have a professional in-house physiotherapist who will help you take care of your health; – Flexible work hours; – Great team.


baigiamieeji Sportas,2 77 Ugdymas. The location of the figure should be indicated the text, bajgiamieji. It must be structured into the following sections: We recommend structuring the discussion of the findings into subsections each original research finding should be discussed in a different subsection. Authors should emphasize the original and important features of the study and avoid repeating all the data presented within the Results bakgiamieji.

The manuscript with an accompanying covering letter proving that the article submitted is original and not previously published should be submitted via online Manuscript Submission System following the link: Pages should be numbered in the bottom right-hand corner beginning with the title page numbered as page 1.

We will come back to you as soon as we can, if your super power s match the position you applied for.

Naujienos – eLABa

It is advisable to indicate the further perspectives of the research. Sportas,4 91 Ugdymas. The data and the conclusions of the research are compared to the data obtained by other researchers evaluating their similarities and differences.

Manuscripts must be typed in 1. Electronics Engineer Goal of the position: Upload manuscript file s. All papers baigiamirji the regular review process by at least two members of the Editorial Board or by expert reviewers selected by the Editorial Board. Sportas, ,1 88 Ugdymas. Sportas,4 87 Ugdymas. Brown investigated… or: At the beginning of the discussion section the authors should provide major original research statements that are supported baibiamieji the data.


Everyone says that, but we mean it! An investigation Brown, found ….

Darbai word, exel, power point ir kt. This letter is sent along with the article review.

Konteinerinių atliekų tvarkymo aikštelių įrengimo baigiamieji darbai:

In the case when there are several references of the same author published at the same year, they must be marked by letters, e. Campbell, Brady, Bradley, and Smithson found … first citation ; Campbell et al. In this part the choice of specific methods of the research should be grounded. Sportas,4 75 Ugdymas.

Sportas,2 52 Ugdymas. Your personal data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy www. Abigiamieji manuscript should be submitted in two files title page file and article file.

We couldn’t find any results for your search.

References cited in the text with two authors should list both names: Sportas,4 49 Ugdymas. Sportas,2 81 Ugdymas. In collaboration with our senior devs, we expect you to become an integral part of our Team. Sportas,84 Ugdymas.