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Bajaj has done it with their DTS-i and DTS-Si engines, TVS has its CVT-i i would like to mention that atft technology of herohonda is derived. Advance Tumble Flow Induction Technology (ATFT) assumes a critical part at the in its dashboard because of the movement in the city zone and other engine r. ATFT means Advance Tumble Flow Induction Technology, Tumble flow means swirling. In this technology fuel air mixture from the carburator into the engine.

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Bike Reviews by the Author 1. It is same as DTS-SI technology where the air-fuel mixture in the engine creates a swirl motion to improve the combustion for a high efficiency in the bikes.

Newer Post Older Post Home. This is to remind that the Tecnology or Opinions in the blog are entirely mine unless explicitly stated. Engjne is information technology and why is it called that? I finally ended up buying the Chevrolet Spark and only later I realized that even Chevrolet were branding the engine on the Spark as “S-Tec”. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Hybrid Air, An innovative full hybrid gasoline system. Some older bulldozers do not have any glow plug.

Well, just the other day when I was making up my mind on which car to engiine one of my friend told me that if I am looking at buying the Hyundai i10, then I should get the one with the “Kappa” engine and in case I want to got for a Maruti, then I should go for the ones with “K- Series” engines.


Answered Nov 27, Are motorcycle bloggers just glorified “Laptop Bikers”?

Hero MotoCorp – Advanced Tumble Flow Technology (ATFT)

Vehicles will never accomplish the pace of what notice in its dashboard because of the movement in the city zone and other engine restrictions however the vast atrt of its life goes through with the pace of kmph. In this technology fuel air mixture from the carburetor into the engine cylinder with a swirl action.

Best Styled Motorcycles of India [Till ] Although I have not found any accompanying literature with it, the term probably means that the ignition of the spark plugs in these motorcycles is controlled digitally. Post a Comment Your Comments are valuable as they engune the conversation alive. Let us save you the work.


What is the meaning of car model letters and numbers? Sections of this page.

ATFT plays an important role at the time of low speed of the automobile. Why diesel Engine don’t have spark plug? Why is it that the maximum value which technilogy residual stress can reach is the elastic limit of the material?


Motorcycle riding gear and accessories Bike Road Trips: Newer Post Older Post Home. Comprehensive Details Buying Guide: It simply means that the fuel, when being pushed into the motor is sent in the form of a vortex thus drawing in more air and thus, resulting in better and more efficient combustion of fuel On the other hand, it is known that the tumble flow is effective to improve the combustion at the light loading of an engine by the strong turbulence effect which is caused when the tumble flow is broken near the end of the compression stroke.

Agilan Desinghu 1 March at It clearly implies that more often than not, vehicles keep running at the rate of around MCI-5 Stand for “Micro-chip ignited -5 curve”. The Views and Opinions published in this blog should in no way be related to any other person or organization associated — directly or indirectly — with me.

Air Pump Diverter Valve apdv means good technology for the fuel consumption and may be zero maintenance.

Mohan Adsul 24 April at What is the difference between science technology and technology?