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ASTM D Standard Test Methods for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive- Coated Tapes Used for_化学_自然科学_专业资料。ASTM D ASTM D – Standard Test Methods for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive-Coated Tapes Used for Electrical and Electronic Applications. ASTM D – Standard Test Methods for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive- Coated Tapes Used for Electrical and Electronic Applications. This standard is a part.

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By suitable means, attach this assembly to a scale or other measuring device. Method B—For Class 2 Tape These backings are made from materials such as: If a value for measurement is followed by a value in inch-pound or English units in parentheses, it is likely that the second value will d000 be approximate and it is for information only.

ASTM D1000

It is advisable to cover the test chamber with thermal insulation in order to minimize internal temperature? Wrap the tape so as to leave a gap between d100 of 1 to 1. After removal from the?

Procedure for Low Temperatures Testing Your comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM International Headquarters. Yards per roll 5 weight of roll less core 3 length of specimen, in.


Use only full rolls of tape. Avoid juggling or touching the tape to direct it during the wind up. Thermosetting properties are measured by a bond separation test and are reported as the time to failure of a heat-cured adhesive-to-adhesive bond under a prescribed load at a speci?

Unwind force also s1000 a role in logistics environments where packages are being wrapped, taped and shipped off to their destination.

Take a rubber-covered steel roller as described in After unwinding is completed, take the reading of the length sensor. Place the specimens on clean blotting paper or towel for 30 min, then determine the breaking force to break s1000 bond in accordance with Section 42, using clamp-type holding?

If the burner is physically removed, the air? Spirally wrap a second layer in the same direction over the? Weigh each roll to the nearest 0. These tapes are classified as follows:.

Use stainless steel Type or as prescribed in Speci? Stable direct-voltage power aztm are satisfactory voltage sources. Thoroughly instruct all operators in atsm proper way to conduct tests safely. After conditioning the roll of tape, place it on a table in a vertical position.


Last previous edition approved in as D— Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. Breaking Strength and Elongation at Room Temperature.

ASTM D – Unwind Force of Tapes

D — 10 It is acceptable to use d100 tape to reinforce gripping, by applying a thin piece of tape on each side of the? It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

Apply it, adhesive side down, to the polished surface of the panel.

Use clean steel plates. Calibrate the gauge for the actual load exerted by the presser foot.

The choice is determined largely by practical experience with the materials tested. The standard calculation for the unwind force is given in newtons per 10mm width of tape or ounces of force per inch width. Prepare specimens in accordance with Immediately release the tab.