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Find out all of the information about the CIAT product: air/water heat pump AQUACIAT 2 ILD, ILDC, ILDH. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get. Consult CIAT’s entire Aquaciat 2 Hybrid – NAC catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/6. Find out all of the information about the CIAT product: air/water heat pump AQUACIAT 2 ILD / ILDC / ILDH. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to.

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Download “aquaciat 2 Water chillers Heat pumps”. High annual efficiency,This paper presents More information. Horizontal Ducted Fan Coil Units. Overall sound power level, as per ISO standard Lp: What the customer wants: AD Stand-by automatic gen set.

Packaged rooftop heat pumps.

Air/water heat pump / industrial / outdoor / reversible – AQUACIAT 2 ILD / ILDC / ILDH – CIAT

We have been working in an ideal climate for thirty years. VH2N 03 to Open the catalog to page 8. Start display at page:. Open the catalog to page 6. Nominal cooling capacity kw Nominal heating aquaciatt kw. Variable Capacity Compressors, a new dimension for refrigeration engineers to explore By: Hot water outlet G1 M 1: Condensing unit with sound insulated weatherproof housing for outdoor installation.

Cool ing [kw] Heating [kw] 1 1 General.

Part 2 Outdoor Units The heat pump unit is sold with a 1 year warranty. The best minisplits configuration for equipping several small rooms.

AQUACIAT 2 is fitted as standard with all the parts and control algorithms necessary to allow it to operate all year round whatever the climate. With this in mind, we have More information. European leader in heating, cooling and indoor air quality An environmentally-responsible company working towards a greener world For many years, CIAT has been pursuing an industrial policy based on an ongoing strategy of continued sustainable development and eco-design in order to minimise the environmental impact of its equipment.


The innovative and reliable solution Temperature control and cooling systems The innovative and reliable solution With our PulseTemp equipment you have the option of up to 72 cooling circuits in the impulse cooling, temperature control, temperature More information. Hot water inlet G1 M 6: Hot Water Heat pump water heaters Residential and Commercial Ra Heat pump technology Heat Pump Water Heating is a new idea using existing technology and is viewed as the latest generation of water heating.

Communicating control for increased adaptability and comfort Full use is made of the capacity of the Connect 2 controller to meet the widely fluctuating needs of the different seasons and throughout the course of the day. The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 2. Their efficiency results in energy savings and respect for the environment. A climate that has brought us to a position of leadership in Italy in the field of radiant heating and cooling.

Some technical specifications not appearing on the above list can however be quoted on request consult us 2. The oil in the cooler is circulated using More information.

Modular design Nominal conditions: This document applies when installing into an air handler or as part of an air handling system. Compact, environmentally responsible and uniquely efficient. Aquafiat, collective housing, shopping centres, hotels, industrial processes Condenserless chillers for indoor installation from 45 squaciat to kw Scroll compressors Series: Variable Water Flow System.


Chilled water outlet Aquadiat E: The indoor units are compact, silent and aesthetically pleasing. The system is supplied with two complementary forms of energy — natural gas and electricity — reinforcing the safety of the installation, particularly in very cold conditions, and ensuring continuous operation under all circumstances. Chilled water intlet DN80 2a-2b: Ammonia is the only refrigerant.

Test Report issued under the responsibility of: Accessibility of all the components For easier installation and maintenance All the different components are housed in a single technical compartment. Open the catalog to page 7.

Air Conditioners and Kombos. A wide range of 45 to 85 kW models to meet all cooling and heating requirements aquxciat new or refurbished tertiary buildings.

Ammonia is the only refrigerant More information. The AHR non-variable More information. Open the catalog to page 5.

Aluminium fin coil with copper-tubes. It thus meets the requirements of the future European thermal aquacist and helps to preserve our environment for the generations to come. A new generation of Scroll compressors with continuous spiro-orbital movement.