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Anthracosis is black pigment discoloration of bronchi which can cause bronchial destruction and deformity (anthracofibro- sis). A prospective, case-control study. Comert et al., J Pulmonar Respirat Med , bronchoscopical findings of patients with bronchial anthracosis. Methods: Among I read the manuscript “Bronchial Anthracosis-Anthracofibrosis: Potential patients with anthracosis were included. J Pulmonar Respirat Med ; 2: 2.

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Conclusion Bronchial anthracosis was caused by active or previous tuberculous infection.

Anthracosis of the lungs is black discoloration of bronchial mucosa that can occlude bronchial lumen and is associated with bronchial anthracofibrosis BAF. Patients with positive blood culture for mycobacterium tuberculosis were labeled as active pulmonary tuberculosis. The implication of background anthracosis in the development and progression of pulmonary adenocarcinoma.

Am J Phys Anthropol. Statistical analysis did not show a correlation between the severity of clinical findings and spirometry Comparison of samples obtained from bronchoscopy of patients with and without bronchial anthracosis for investigating the prevalence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Pearson antraccosis others believed that anthracosis was a complication of coal worker pneumoconiosis 6. According to this study, exposure to TB was two-fold higher in people with bronchial anthracosis compared with normal cases. Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The expectoration of black sputum, as in anthracosis. Tracheal involvement is rare and was detected in 3. The patients were divided into two groups; a With pulmonary tuberculosis and b without pulmonary tuberculosis.

Anthracosis | definition of anthracosis by Medical dictionary

See also inorganic dust. Global and regional burden of disease and risk factors, Najafizadeh et al Thereafter, several studies have reported the association of anthracosis with TB Table 2.


These findings were across the findings of Tanaka et al. The low incidence itself diminishes clinical suspicion. Park et al The relation between radiologic findings and anatomical location of anthracosis, occupational information, and pulmonary tuberculosis are presented in Table 3. This study aims to investigate the clinical, radiographic, and bacteriologic findings in bronchial anthracosis patients and its association with tuberculosis.

Bronchopulmonary disease in Iranian housewives chronically exposed to indoor smoke. Computed tomography Computed tomography CT was more sensitive for anthracosis and showed more specific radiological findings Figure 5.

Bronchial Anthracosis: A Potent Clue for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Pulmonary arterial hypertension and cor pulmonale associated with chronic domestic woodsmoke inhalation. Later, some new terms were introduced such as anthracostenosis 9 or anthracotic bronchitis 10 used to describe extensive deposition of carbon pumlonar the main bronchial walls; which in the antracosjs of cases is accompanied by severe submucosal edema, bronchial stenosis, protruded mucosal folds and lung collapse 10 Figure 1C.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. These recommendations may prove useful particularly in developing countries. Chung et al 7. CT differentiation of anthracofibrosis from endobronchial tuberculosis. Normal or hyper-inflation, low attenuation with no visible wall.

Nonspecific lesions of mild pulmonary anthracosismoderate diffuse renal tubular necrosis, and antracosks body formation within renal tubuli indicating some degree of dehydration were seen in both birds.

Anthracosis of the Lungs: Etiology, Clinical Manifestations and Diagnosis: A Review

Obstructive lung disease in spirometry with lymph node or bronchial calcification high attenuationespecially in subjects who also show mass lesion or atelectasis strongly makes the diagnosis of anthracosis more likely. A histological term describing the accumulation of black pigment in lung tissue or in other organs.


Bronchoscopic, radiologic and pulmonary function evaluation of endobronchial tuberculosis. The author wishes to thank Mrs. Available data from large series of patients pulmonat underwent bronchoscopy for other reasons have shown the frequency of simple anthracosis to be 3. Pattern of pulmonary function test abnormalities in anthracofibrosis of the lungs. Mirsadraee M, Katebi M. To measure the association between two main variables, Odds ratio was calculated.

Churchill Livingstone, ; In a study by Mirsadraee et al. Smoke Biomass smoke has been mostly reported as a risk factor for anthracosis in Asian countries such as Korea 8India 25Iran 26 and Turkey It is the severe form of disease, which distorts and narrows the bronchial lumen Figure 1C. All bronchoscopic studies were performed by two experienced pulmonologists. Some reports from Africa 28 and Latin America 2930 have indicated chronic respiratory disease induced by biomass smoke exposure.

Respiratory Pulmonag Case Reports. Before the dust settles.

Objective pathological diagnosis of coal worker’s pneumoconiosis. The structural and elemental composition of inhaled particles in ancient Egyptian mummified lungs. The effect of qualitatively different fatty components of the diet on mitochondrial membranes in animals with experimental anthracosis.

Journal of Iranian medical council. Mediastinal calcification wide non-filled arrow and mass lesion in parenchyma narrow filled arrowB: Detailed examinations for the presence of active tuberculosis should be performed in patients with such bronchoscopic findings in order to prevent the spread of tuberculosis and to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures.

Qurbani M, Yunesian M.