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ANDRE GIDE’S Caves du Vatican contains a number of destructive and Ludens’: Ideas of Play and Levity in Les Caves du Vatican,” Modern Language. I sotterranei del Vaticano (titolo originale Les Caves du Vatican, edito in Italia anche col titolo Le segrete del vaticano) è un romanzo di André Gide, pubblicato . Originally published in the summer of , this year is the th anniversary of André Gide’s Les Caves du Vatican otherwise known as The.

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Rome Italy — Fiction. A brief mention of Lafcadio in “Dada In Paris” finally piqued my interest.

Les Caves du Vatican by André Gide – Free Ebook

A change of scene–a moment’s forgetfulness suffice. A host of cunning rogues and blinkered fools populate his world, as the action jumps from Paris to the south of France to Rome and Naples. A delightful, sprightly farce infused with a buoyant energy that captures the essence of old-world Europe. The 19th century writers seem to be much more well known in the English reading world than the more contemporary. This must slot into the fake pope kidnapping in some way, but I haven’t puzzled that out yet, unless those who charge this book with nihilism are right, and the point is that the very idea of intention is useless, just as the pope-as-symbol is this book suggests empty, given that we can never be certain that the pope is actually the pope, and not someone stuck on the throne by conspiratorially minded free masons.

Brutally boring and what’s with the names? The Vatican Cellars starts off as a painfully dull 19th century novel of family disagreement, roughly as entertaining as Fontane, and then, for no apparent reason, turns into a glorious farce involving a fake pope kidnapping, an egregiously intrusive narrator, a motiveless murder well before Camusmetanarrative silliness, a beautifully executed plot resolution, and a typically excellent Gidean moral conundrum: He declared the book not to be a novel, but a sotiea medieval farce in which the players freely mock the powers that be, more often than not, the Church.

Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen. We might as well just be cast adrift to figure it all out on our own. I suggest you read some critic works before reading this book signed by Gide I recommend this one: I read this earlier in the year it did have some humour which was surprised with ,I have two others on my shelves to read now Like Like.


The plot ranges from France to Italy and involves, on one hand, a cast of what Lafcadio calls “slims,” and, on the other, what he calls the “crusted” those who have money and are not a little stupid.

Lists What are lists? The author sometimes tries to be, let’s say a ‘character’, by giving direct explanations or by writing ”I’m not going to detail because it might bore you”, or ”But this description will be found interesting only by a certain type of readers”; first of all, we don’t care; second of all, can we please skip to the good part?

The answer is no, but much fun is had at the expense of the Church and bourgeoisie along the way. Wonderful, but also a bit of a hot mess.

May 25, Czarny Pies rated it liked it Recommends it for: These 3 locations in Victoria: I suggest then that someone wishing to know more about Gide start with Le Andre Gide the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in is talked about less now than when I was attending secondary school in the s.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Anyone curious about this once very famous Nobel Prize winner. But all three share the same characters! I won’t share any spoilers as to the plot, so as not to deny the same pleasure I felt reading “Lafcadio’s A A new addition to the list of my all time favorite novels.

The difficulty is getting through that god-awful opening, which Gide clearly knew was god-awful, but kept there just to make sure you realized that he was making fun of such very respectable people in the text that followed. The fourth book introduces us to the gang, referred to as The Millipede and the final book is dedicated to the young man Lafcadio and brings all the characters to Rome.


And what happens when they all find themselves in Rome? It was definitely an entertaining read and interesting that it was a deliberate shift from the seriousess of European fiction at the time. A pamphlet on the subject appeared in Saint-Malo and was suppressed.

Because of his great reputation, I laboured through a half-dozen or so of his works before Andte tired of him.

View online Borrow Buy. Subjects Manners and customs — Fiction. It is a book that Gide had in the back of his mind for 20 years before writing it and many of the scenes were inspired from aspects of his own life or those close to him. State Library of South Australia. Therefore, I ended up pacing through the book and considering it a light reading, some kind of sordid literary joke.

Not only did it take me quite long to read, but it never even came close to interesting me. vaticam

Les Caves du Vatican by André Gide

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The original title, “The Vatican Swindle,” seems more appropriate. These 2 locations in New South Wales: La narrazione si apre con Anthime Armand-Dubois, scienziato ateo e appartenente alla massoneria, cinico nei suoi esperimenti e nelle relazioni con i suoi parenti.

The exploration, however, is the subtext to a strange and funny tale of atheists who find faith, pietists flirting with atheism, con men, nihilism, misguided love—and family The evil impulse fills an emptiness where attachment is lacking. These 2 locations in South Australia: Thanks for this, Claire. There are no literal Vatican cellars, but we are all essentially living beneath them!

You are commenting using your WordPress. Sfila una galleria di dame bacchettone e bigotte, pronte oes professare la propria fede ai quattro venti, ma ben attente ai propri interessi economici e alla loro condizione sociale.