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Amethyst D Amethyst D Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock. Availability: Out of stock. Regular Price: $ Special Price $ Welcome to my Amethyst D20 RPG page. Here are some things you need to know: Heads up to the people at Pre-Hammer Races: The Moreau. The Moreau are animal-human hybrids, created by grafting specific sequences of animal DNA to human.

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Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, All Dolphin Moreau can hold their breath for a number of Minutes equal to their constitution score. All Bear Moreau suffer from poor eyesight.

Dolphin Moreau are a blend of human and dolphin, typically bottlenose. How is the print quality? Many have pronounced webbing between elongated fingers and a few have vestigial flaps of skin reaching from ankles to wrists. Amethyt Rat Moreau have sleek fur except on their hands, feet and tails. All of my POD ametuyst from Lulu have been stellar. Moderate Moreau suffer a penalty on Disguise checks to pass as human or elven.


As Medium creatures, Canine Moreau have no special d0 or penalties due to their size. Bear Moreau are a blend of Human and various Bear species. Only time will tell whether the offspring will resemble their parents. Most Overt Moreau find human clothing, both Encha and Techa, uncomfortable and prefer to work without or with just enough for modesty.

Covert Moreau appear human until they demonstrate superior physical abilities or senses.

Amethyst D20

Monday, 14th March, Most travel as easily on all fours as they do on two legs and many Overt Bat Moreau have fully functional wings. They tend to be small, quiet people with high pitched squeaky voices. Join Date Feb Posts 6, Add a new page.

It seems you have no tags attached to pages. As Medium creatures, Moreau Bears have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. However since the coming of the Hammer and the Rise of Magic many Overt Bat Moreau have been born with fully functional wings and hands allowing them to fly without the use of technology or magic.

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Something does not work as expected? All Covert Moreau are Medium size. Join Date Jan Posts Their pronounced muzzles accent their speaking voices, but they d2 no trouble speaking most languages. Rabbit Moreau are a blend of human and rabbit.

This made Rat Moreau a source of cheap and fast produced troops. Reports of strange creatures glimpsed in wilderness areas, or of bizarre corpses washing ashore, may be the results of unsuccessful attempts to create reptilian or amphibian hybrids. Rumors persist that Dolphin Moreau have a hidden city in the ocean someplace where they are allied with the aquatic fey, but to date this rumor has never been confirmed. Amethyst is built on a foundation of great philosophic debates- magic vs.

In Post Hammer times this makes Rat Moreau the most common of mutant animals to survive. They tend to be slow but extraordinarily powerful.