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Lyrics Amarilli mia bella. Non credio del mio cor. Dolce desio. D’eser tu l’amor mio? Credilo pur. E se timor t’assale. Dubitar non ti vale. Aprimi il peto. E vedrai. Caccini, Giulio Amarilli, mia bella sheet music for Voice – , Florence. The Artist: Famous for Amarilli mia bella and more recently Ave Maria. Giulio Caccini. Amarilli mia bella, for voice & continuo (from Le nuove musiche). Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook.

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Moli, French and Italian Discoveries, AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

Although the collection was not published until July[ citation needed ] Caccini’s dedication of the collection to Signor Lorenzo Salviati is dated Februaryin the stile fiorentinowhen the new year began amarikli 25 March. Giulio Romolo Caccini also Giulio Romano 8 October — buried 10 Decemberwas an Italian composer, teacher, singer, instrumentalist and writer of the very late Renaissance and early Baroque eras.

In the last two decades of the 16th century, Caccini continued his activities as a singer, teacher and composer.

Amarilli, mia bella (Caccini, Giulio)

Believe it, and if doubt should strike you, take my arrow, open my chest, and see written on my heart, ‘Amaryllis, my love, ‘” but the simplicity of the music rather “neutralizes” its silliness.


The Best of Aled Amaril,i. The Art of the Harp [Box Set]. Caccini made at least one further trip to Rome, inas the secretary to Count Bardi.

Privacy policy About ChoralWiki Disclaimers. Genre Aamrilli Music Classical. Contents 1 Performances 1. Public Domain Edition notes: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Vocal Music Of The 16thth Centuries.

Amarilli, mia bella (Giulio Caccini) – ChoralWiki

Robert Lischetti sings Italian Classics. It is cafcini to observe, however, that the first explanation of this practice is in the context of an essay about vocal expression and intelligibility. History of Baroque Music. Songs of Love and War. Little is known about his early life, but he was born in Italy, the son of the carpenter Michelangelo Caccini; he was the older brother of the Florentine sculptor Giovanni Caccini.

Amarilli, lovely Amarilli Amarklli thou not, oh my heart’s sweet desire tis thee my heart aspires? AfterCaccini was less influential, though he continued to take part in composition and performance of sacred polychoral music.

Caccini – Amarilli, mia bella sheet music for Voice –

The Best of Andreas Scholl. Duos – Amarilli, mia bella Non credi, o del mio cor dolce desio, D’esser tu l’amor mio?

Giovanni Battista Guarini Number of voices: Super Artists on Super Audio, Vol. Giuseppe De Luca, Vol.

Amarilli, mia bella (Giulio Caccini)

He was a tenorand he was able to accompany himself on the viol or the archlute ; he sang at various entertainments, including weddings and affairs of state, and took part in the sumptuous intermedi of the time, the elaborate musical, dramatic, visual spectacles which were one of the precursors of opera. Having thus seen, as I say, that such music and musicians offered no pleasure beyond that which pleasant sounds could give — solely to the sense of hearing, cacini they could not move the mind without the words being understood — it occurred to me to introduce a kind of music in which one could almost speak in tones, employing in it as I have said elsewhere a certain noble negligence of song, sometimes passing through several dissonances while still maintaining the bass note save when I wished to do it the ordinary way and play the inner parts on the instrument to express some effect — these being of little other value.


Retrieved from ” http: This passage is often overlooked, because it is brief, and located at the very end of amariloi introduction.

Pathways of Baroque Music: