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Acadiana is a region of Louisiana, in the south and south west of the state. From West to East, Acadiana can be broken into five distinct and unique regions, where Cajun and Creole peoples adapted unique aspects from Map of Acadiana. English: The traditional 22 parishes in Southern Louisiana, USA, that belong to the Acadiana Region with the “Cajun Heartland USA”. Maps: Louisiana Parishes, Tourist Regions & Acadiana Parishes. Map of LA Parishes. See LIST of Louisiana Parishes with Dates of Creation, Created From and.

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Over the next 45 years, the Acadians refused to sign an unconditional oath of allegiance to Britain. US 90 was shut down for several days due to the flooding caused by Gustav. River Parishes The River Parishes of Acadiana form the eastern portion of this region in Louisianaand are comprised of the parishes on the west bank of the Mississippi River from the Mississippi State Line to just outside the New Orleans metro area.

The hurricane caused most of Acadiana to lose power, and some areas ergion phone service. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Lafayette’s Parish Brewing Company concentrates on quality small batch brews, including the popular Canebrake wheat beer brewed with local sugarcane.

Acadiana Parishes

This is the birthplace of Cajun cuisine, Cajun music, and Zydeco music. Equally rich to Creole food, Cajun dishes are often spicier as well. As the late LSU Law Center professor Lee Hargrave wrote, in reference to the protection of cultural heritage, “Proponents of the section were primarily Francophones concerned with the protection of the French Acadian culture.

Their members now include people with Irish and Spanish ancestry, as well as a lesser extent of Germans and Italians. The spelling of many family names has changed over time. Brasseaux 18 May Since the mids, relations between acadiina Cajuns of the U.


Views Read Edit View history. Although they fought for Spanish General Galvez, their contribution to the winning of the war has been recognized. The Cajuns retain a unique dialect of the French language and numerous other cultural traits that distinguish them as an ethnic group. Much of what is labeled “Cajun” elsewhere including other parts of Louisiana!

This was attributed to the evacuation and mitigation plans that had been drilled by state and local official, and to a strong presence of both the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Its first recorded appearance dates to the mids, when a Crowley, Louisiananewspaper, the Crowley Daily Signalcoined the term in reference to Acadia Parish, Louisiana.

Fresh and saltwater lakes, along with almost the entire Louisiana portion of the Intracoastal Waterwayenable the flow of people and materials. Archived from the original on October 26, Mary, and Terrebonne Parishes.

Contestants selected hard-boiled eggs, paired off, and tapped the eggs together — the player whose egg did not crack was declared the winner. The area is cultivated regoon fields of rice and sugarcane.

Inthe Louisiana legislature officially adopted Arceneaux’s design as the official Acadiana flag House Concurrent Resolutionpassed 5 July Rail transport through the area is limited by the difficult terrain and the sheer number of bridges required to build over numerous streams and bayous.

Today, Easter is still celebrated by Cajuns with the traditional game of paquebut is now also celebrated in the same fashion as Christians throughout the United States with candy-filled baskets, ” Easter bunny ” stories, dyed eggsand Easter egg hunts. Acqdina conclude that plaintiff is protected regioon Title VII’s ban on national origin discrimination.


File:Acadiana Louisiana region – Wikimedia Commons

In total, almost two million people along the Louisiana coast were evacuated in over two days. Crowds at these festivals can range from a few hundred to more thanWhile locals were long proud of their reyion, in the early 20th century Cajuns were often looked down on.

John The BaptistSt. Retrieved from ” https: Americanization of a People Jackson: Acadiana is unusual for the South because a majority of its people are Roman Catholicin contrast to the aadina regions, which are part of the largely Protestant and Baptist Bible Belt.

The Beginnings of Acadian Life in Louisiana, — Many residents of Acadiana fly the flag on their homes acadiina businesses. An important part of this folk religion, the traiteur combines Catholic prayer and medicinal remedies to treat a variety of ailments, including earaches, toothaches, warts, tumors, angina, and bleeding.

For other uses, see Cajun disambiguation. They have a small part of their territories in the European part of the Caucasus. Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission. Archived from the original on May 21, Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Acadiana.

Retrieved Regionn 3, By affording coverage under the “national origin” clause of Title VII he is afforded no special privilege. South Central Louisiana South Central Louisiana is a part of “Acadiana ,” the name given to the region of southern Louisiana acadnia is the home of the Cajun people.

Krotz Springs Opelousas Eunice.

The Acadiana Tourism Coalition of Louisiana

Lafayette Avery Island St. Atlantic Canada Before Acadinna 3rd ed. Map Hotels Photos Directions. University Press of Mississippip. Comprised of Assumption, Lafourche, St.