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The Hamburg cultural scientist Aby M. Warburg (–) was a pioneer of the modern study of art and visual culture. Before the First World War, he made. In December , Warburg started to compose a work in the form of a picture atlas named Mnemosyne. Aby M. Warburg «Mnemosyne-Atlas» | Mnemosyne-Atlas, Boards of. Aby M. Warburg, «Mnemosyne-Atlas», – Mnemosyne-Atlas, Boards of the.

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Writing up his field notes for a now famous lecture at the Kreuzlingen sanatorium Warburg stressed the kinship of religious thinking in Athens and Oraibi. And perhaps it is just the thought of this scholar, openly and insightfully presented here, that still fascinates and inspires today.

The Mnemosyne Atlas | ZKM

The strength with which such anticlerical elements could imprint themselves is demonstrated by the row of over twelve sarcophagi embedded in the wall of the stringboard of the stairs of S. Maria Aracoeli, which were permitted to accompany the pious pilgrim ascend- ing into the church like dream images from the forbidden region of unholy demonic paganism.

Aby Warburg is regarded as warbueg father of modern visual studies. The most famous photo of the trip shows Warburg holding a half naked dancer resting. There were no captions and only a few texts in the atlas.

Is it published or somehow quotable? First published in Der Bilderatlas Mnemosyne Berlin: The force of the entry of the classical language of gesture can thus be explained indirectly as a result of the dual demands of this reactive energy, which sought the reproduction of the clear expressive values of antiquity, free from the fetters of a tradition that lacked consistency.

Aby Moritz Warburg June 13, Hamburg. After receiving his doctorate Warburg studied for two semesters at the Medical Faculty of the University of Berlinwhere he attended lectures on psychology. The Hamburg cultural scientist Aby M. The dissertation was completed in and printed in This contradiction in the external expression of self-consciousness demanded that the gaze of the waning Middle Ages, absorbed in its object, engage in a parallel ethical confrontation between aggressive pagan feelings of personal identity and those of Christian humility.

On the one hand it offered wel- come encouragement for the newly liberated spirit of worldliness, and gave courage to the individual, struggling to maintain their personal freedom in the face of destiny, to speak the unspeakable. Even the Church had managed to lend the self-glorifcation of the Trajan relief Christian sentiment, by means of a legend that was still alive in Dante. According to Warburg, the conficting responses to the legacy of classical antiquity directly informed the styles of the visual arts, from the realism of Netherlandish art to the heroic forms of the Italian Renaissance.

Two brothers Warburg founded the banking firm M.

The Hamburg cultural scientist Aby M. Not only does the conception of the energetic identity of the intended attribute or action not suffer, even though the formal identity of the basic lexical expres- sion has fallen away; rather, the arrival of an alien root achieves an intensifcation of the original meaning.


The thiasotic hallmark is an absolutely essential and uncanny characteristic of these expressive values as they spoke to the eye of the Renaissance artist ,nemosyne the sarcophagi of antiquity. The conscious creation of distance between oneself and the external world can probably be designated as the founding act of human civilization.

This illustrates as much the complexity of the material as the difficulty of capturing it in words.

The Mnemosyne Atlas

Warburg, atla his part, renounced all sentimental aestheticism, and in his writings criticised a vulgarised idealisation of an individualism that had been imputed to the Renaissance in the work of Jacob Burckhardt. Due not only to its mobility but also its technique, which ftted the multiple reproduction qby its image, the Flemish tapestry is the frst, albeit colossal, vehicle for mobile images, which, freed from the wall, served as a forerunner of the printed illustrated page in other words, the copper engraving and the woodcut that for the frst time made the exchange of expressive values between North and South into a vital part of the process of circulation that shaped the formation of European style.

The present exhibition presents its last version in reconstructed form. The couple mneosyne three children: In the family returned to Hamburg, and Warburg presented the findings of his Atla research in a series of lectures, but at first did not take on a professorship or any other academic position. At this period signs of a mental illness were present which affected his activities as a researcher and teacher.

Warburg grew up in a conservative Jewish home mnemosynne. From the reliefs of Trajan on the Triumphal Arch that bears the name of Constantine, even though only a few reliefs are from his time cf. When this interval becomes the basis of artistic production, the conditions have been fulflled for this consciousness of distance to achieve an enduring social wwrburg which, in its rhythmical change be- tween absorption in its object or detached restraint, signifes the oscil- lation between a cosmology of images and one of signs; its adequacy or failure as an instrument of mental orientation signifes the fate of human culture.

Another snapshot is of Warburg wearing a Kachina dancer’ s mask. Before the First World War, he made his professional name as an expert in Florentine art through a comparatively small number warbirg publications, which nevertheless consistently offered surprising insights and repeatedly led to sensational discoveries. He chose Mnemosynethe Greek goddess of memory and mother of the muses, as the patron saint of his project.

Warbugr toWarburg concentrated his entire body of knowledge in this collection of images, which ultimately spanned 63 panels and encompassed almost a thousand individual pieces.

Aby Warburg – Wikipedia

Voth shared his knowledge of Hopi religion. To characterize the restoration of antiquity as a result of the recent appearance of a factual consciousness of history and carefree artistic empathy, remains an inadequate descriptive alas theory, un- less one is at the same time prepared to descend into the deep human spiritual compulsion to become enmeshed in the timeless strata of the material.


If the formation of style is accordingly understood as the problem of warbburg exchange of such expressive values, then we are faced with the imperative of examining the mechanics of transmission underlying the dynamics of this process. Medieval church discipline, which had experienced a merciless enemy in the form of the deifcation of the Emperor, mnemoysne have destroyed a monument like the Arch of Constantine, had it not been possible to pre- serve the heroic acts of the Emperor Trajan, supported by reliefs added later, under the mantle of Constantine.

Whenever possible we try to attribute content images, videos, and quotes to their creators and original sources. Library resources about Aby Warburg. Abraham Moritz Warburgknown as Aby Warburg June 13, — October 26,was a German art historian and cultural theorist who founded a private Library for Cultural Studies, the Wwarburg Bibliothek Warburg, which was later moved to the Warburg InstituteLondon.

He predominantly used photographs, but also included illustrations from books or picture files, original graphics, and newspaper clippings. Hi Marcella, the translation has been abj by professor Matthew Rampley of the University of Birmingham.

They show how artistic work can function exactly like the visualisation of scholarly research. Your email address will not be published. The decisive phase in the development of the monumental style of Italian Renaissance painting is refected, with the symbolic clarity that only real history grants us, in those artworks from pagan and Christian times connected to the fgure of the Emperor Constantine.

The compulsion to engage with the world of pre-established expressive forms—regardless of whether their origin is in the past or the present—signifes the decisive critical moment for any artist intending to assert their own character. Cushing had lived for years with the Zuni in New Mexico and fascinated Warburg wanted to see the Pueblos for himself.

In Warburg and his wife took up residence in Florence.

Aby Warburg. Mnemosyne Bilderatlas (English)

Aby Warburg around Supplementary to this, thirteen artists, including Olaf Metzel, Paul McCarthy and Peter Weibel, were invited to create their own panels in the original format. In Cochiti Warburg spoke to a priest and his son and received a cosmological drawing with a snake at its center.

How could the language of artistic form stand idle in this way in the vicinity of Raphael and Michelangelo? Let anyone who wishes content themselves with the fora of the jnemosyne beautiful and aromatic plants; this will never, however, develop into a physiology of the circulating, rising sap of plants, for this only reveals itself to whoever examines the subterranean roots of life.